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Publication: Great Sexpectations
Reader Comments

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                 Friday, June 20, 2008
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A very warm welcome from Carmen Sutra:  

As a sex columnist, I'm often privy to details that most
people probably just don't hear about. For instance, I re-
ceived a letter from a gentleman detailing his pantyhose
fetish. Again, not something every person would read about,
so I included it in today's issue :) Also, readers suggested
sexual positions, including tips for anal penetration, and
one reader asks for positions that DON'T require deep pene-
tration. Let's get to it...


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Today's Topic: Reader Comments
Hey there, Carmen…

I’m a dude. I wear 3 pair of pantyhose (usually navy or black
or sandalfoot) and 4 pantygirdles, 24/7. First off, my “stuff” 
being encased in all that nylon/spandex kinda thang, I 
constantly have a boner. Damn, you girls kept pantyhose & 
pantygirdles and all the good feels to yourself all this time!
LOL What feels the best is to take yet a 5th pantygirdle, and 
masturbate myself thru all of the above, and cum in all the 
pantyhose & pantygirdles and keep them on. The cum smell that 
emanates is a sexy smell. I repeat this for several days in a 
row, same pantyhose & pantygirdles……mmmm….

I wear short, shorts(blue-jean) and Birkenstocks, and truck 
off to the store and shop, etc……I’ve been in check-out lines 
waiting and had gals behind me commenting that it “smells 
like sex in here”…what a turn-on…:) There’s my story and 
I’m sticking to it…


A woman I was able to be with for a while taught me the best 
way, I think, for anal penetration. Once I was at the sphinct-
er with my penis head, she would push out "as if pushing out 
a big one"; and I  slid in all the way without any real effort 
and no discomfort for her, then she would relax. Of course, 
I still had to give her time to adjust to the feel of being 
penetrated before starting to move in and out. I don't recall 
using any lubricant that time, but I'm sure it would make 
things easier when lube is used.


One position I found to be quite effective with my ex-wife 
was a role-reversal position. She wanted me to feel what it 
was like to be her. So, she made all the advances and for-
ward moves, placing herself in the top position. At first, 
she went into the normal female straddle; but I thought that 
if she wanted to play the male role, she should have both 
legs inside of mine just like I would have been. I shifted 
my legs outward, moving her legs inside. I found that this 
tightened her vaginal grip on me and stimulated both of us 
as she moved in the pistoning motion that would normally be 
done by me when I was on top. It would be interesting to 
find out if anyone else has used this position and whether 
or not it worked or them.

Hi Carmen!

My husband and I discovered a position that was so much fun, 
that I had to share. We both lay spoon fashion with him be-
hind me, and our knees somewhat bent. With plenty of lube, 
he enters me analy, and then I une a vibrator on my clit. 
Sounds simple, but as I push back I feel him deeper inside 
me, and when I pull forward, the vibrator presses my clit 
more intensely. Best back-door sex we've ever had!!!


I love your newsletter, but it's starting to get a little 
frustrating that the majority of the sexual positions and 
commentary highlight deep penetration. Sex is kind of painful 
for me (nothing physically wrong, just a small/short vagina) 
so my partner and I are kind of limited in our positions. 
Are there any positions you or the readers can suggest that 
aren't deep penetrating? Thanks in advance!
[Any position that allows the woman to control the speed and 
depth of penetration would be beneficial for you. Also, the 
missionary position can be manipulated for shallow or deep 
penetration. Experiment and have fun!]

Hello Carmen,

I love your column and I have been reading it for about a 
year and a half now. I have to say, it has improved my sex 
so much that I can't even say how much!! Thank you so much 
for such a great column. Now, for the porn watching issues 
some of your readers are haveing I see that most the problems 
are with women being upset because their husbands or boy-
friends or partner is watching it!!  

Have any of your readers (women) considered watching it with 
their men?  I agree it makes you a little unconfortable when 
they watch it alone... so... JOIN THEM!! don't get upset over 
it!  There are some beautiful men to look at too! Turn the 
tables on your men and let them see you enjoy it too. Since 
I have done so with my husband, WOW our sex life is out of 
this world GREAT!!!.  Men are very very visual people and 
women can be too. I found that now that I watch and look at 
porn, I day dream and i am in constant thought of my husband 
sexually and wow... again that makes for a great sex life!  

I can really say that I get so worked up now with porn that 
I almost can't watch it anymore alone, I have to have him 
with me so that we can make our own porn section!! In other 
words, women join your husband in what they enjoy and enjoy 
it with them and enjoy them to the fullest!! Makes complete 
sense to me!!  Love being sexual!!


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Thank you one and all for sharing your insightful comments
and tips. When one person shares a sexual position, please
know that thousands benefit! You are saving the sexual world! :)
Food for thought this weekend: A reader asked me how long it
will take to get over being dumped after a long-term relation-
ship. What say you, Great SEXers? What advice would you give
a friend? Ponder that, and in the meantime, get some nooky
and have a wonderful weekend!!! As always, I remain...

Devotedly yours,   

Carmen Sutra   

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