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Publication: Looking Good
Varicose and Spider Veins

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                  LOOKING GOOD - June 19, 2008   
              "Tips To Help You Look & Feel Your Best"   

Good Morning,   

Remember ysterday's rant on older parents and the current
crop of kids I called "brats"? A funny thing happened on
the way to the "mailbox". I realized I should have followed my 
own advice. No, I'm not pregnant, adopting, or renting any
kids. I'm talking about Moose and Ginger and the difference
in raising them vs six years ago when I got Keno!

Moose and Ginger are technically better dogs than Keno was
as a puppy. Keno, if any of you recall, was quite the "destroyer"
and caused a lot of damage to the yard, (many, many times),
shoes, walls, and even the carpet six months before he died...

Moose and Ginger haven't done nearly as much damage as Keno,
however, I think because I'm older and there are two lively
pooches, I'm less patient and less diligent in the training

Things I find funny and wouldn't have tolerated a few years
ago cause me to shrug my shoulders and laugh. (I know, I'm
already discusted at myself at this admission)...

Flyboy keeps saying he's going to start obedience training
like he did with Keno at this age. I'm thinking his target
date must be August...2010

Moose and Ginger really aren't bad pups at all. In fact, they
play together so much that they don't seem to care about doing
anything "bad" in the house. As for the outside damage, not
that I'm defending Moose, but...when you have feet the size
of hers, you are bound to trample things that get in your way,
and when there happens to be running water on bare dirt, sometimes
a nice mud footbath makes those tootsies feel nice and soft. And
everyone knows you have to dig a few feet to get the best mud...

I guess my point is, just like kids. You can't blame a kid or
a dog for having no manners or acting like fools. You just
gotta blame the parents...

Of course I have excuses, and I'll give you a description of
each dog's personality and demeanor, which will put it all
in perspective. Nah, not right now, I have to go and apologize
to them for being a bad parent...





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Varicose veins are large, raised, swollen blood vessels that 
twist and turn. They usually develop in the legs and can be 
seen through the skin...

Spider veins are smaller, red, purple and blue vessels that are 
also twisted and turning. Spider veins are easily visible through 
the skin as well. They are also most often seen on the legs and face...

A number of factors predispose a person to varicose veins and spider 
veins. These include...

Occupations that involve a lot of standing, such as nurses, 
beauticians,( can attest to this one), teachers, and factory workers...
Hormonal influences during pregnancy, puberty, and menopause...
The use of birth control pills...
Postmenopausal hormonal replacement...
A history of blood clots...
Conditions that cause increased pressure in the abdomen including 
tumors, constipation, and externally worn garments like girdles...
Other reported causes include trauma or injury to the skin, previous 
vein surgery, and exposure to ultraviolet rays...


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Varicose veins and spider veins develop more often in women than 
in men. They increase in frequency with age. An estimated 30% to 
60% of adults have varicose veins or spider veins...

Symptoms of Varicose Veins and Spider Veins...

Many patients with varicose veins complain of pain, described as 
an aching or cramping in the legs. Other common symptoms include 
tiredness, restlessness, burning, throbbing, tingling, or heaviness 
in the legs. Pain caused by varicose veins is usually relieved by 
elevating the legs or by wearing support hose...

In women, symptoms may be worse during certain parts of the menstrual 
cycle or during pregnancy. Patients also may develop swelling, 
ulcers (large sores), and an increase in the pigmentation or 
darkening of the color of their skin, especially in the ankle 
region. Occasionally, varicose veins and spider veins can form a 
painful blood clot with inflammation of the vein called 

Tomorrow, some treatments for Varicose veins and Spider veins...

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