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Publication: Looking Good
Easy Tips For Your Hair

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                  LOOKING GOOD - June 18, 2008   
              "Tips To Help You Look & Feel Your Best"   

Good Morning,   

I have always beieved that you should have kids when you're
young, rather than the current trend of having them later in
life. Now, when I say "young", I'm not talking about young
teens. Some of the reasons are the amount of patience you have
when you're younger, and judging by the current crop of "brats" 
I see in the stores these days, one could argue that the "new,
older" parents of today think our way of raising kids was archaic
and discipline shouldn't be taught because a "time-out" is
MUCH better and won't psychologically damage said brat like
good old-fashioned discipline. Agree or not, a little swat on 
the behind will get the brats attention a lot faster than
chasing said brat around because they won't listen to a simple
command, such as, "come here", "stop it", and the ever-famous,

You don't have to agree with spanking, I would venture a guess 
that those under 35-40 vehemently disagree wih me on this. I
have no problem with disagreement on this topic, but understand,
I'm not talking BEATING, I"m not talking physical child abuse.
I believe parents that abuse their children deserve to suffer
the full punishment of the law in these cases...

Why am I ranting about this today? Because I happened to go
to the store and a mom, in her early 40's, (give or take a few),
was shopping with a BRAT, about 3 or 4. This kid was running
WILD up and down the aisles, knocking into things, knocking them
off the shelves, knocking into people's carts, and basically
running around like he had been given the keys to the asylum
and had busted out. What was his mom doing? Trying to catch
him, while PLEADING with him to come back. Pleading? She caught
up with him at one point and started talking to him in this
sickening sweet voice that, I swear, made me go into an insulin
reaction and I'm not even diabetic! It worked real well...He
kicked her cart and took off again!

She had the most pathetic look on her face. completely frazzled
and I admit, I felt a little sorry for her. She looked over at
me and said, "I can't wait until this stage is over". I thought
about it a second and then decided to say what was on my mind and
told her...

"Unless you learn how to discipine and control your kid, this stage
will not only never be over, but some warden may take over where
you left off"...

Well of COURSE she got ticked off at me. Some guy walking past who 
heard me cracked up and she walked away in a huff. And the little
brat? Last seen in aisle 11, followed by a store clerk with a broom
and a mop, cleaning up a broken jar of pickle relish...

My parents really never hit any of us, I know we got a spanking or
two, but truthfully, I can't remember any of them, so the theory
that it psychologically harmed me for life isn't true. We didn't
need to be spanked because my parents had...

"The LOOK"...

 now THAT, I totally remember, and funny how it worked.
Maybe that's WHY we didn't have to be spanked...

Kids are supposed to have some kind of fear of their parents,
to learn and respect authority. Parents aren't supposed to be 
afraid of their kids...

Rant over...






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People have used mayonnaise as a deep conditioning treatment
for their hair for as long as I can remember and it works. If
your hair is really dry, I prefer using olive oil. Heat some
extra virgin olive oil in the microwave until warm, not hot.
Apply to DRY hair, concentrating on the dry ends. Wrap in 
plastic and a warm towel ot a heating cap or dryer. Shampoo
thoroughly. Add the shampoo to the hair BEFORE wetting it to 
make removing the olive oil easier. Make sure you shampoo very
well and apply an instant conditioner to prevent smelling like
the cook at Olive Garden. There is one negative to using hot
oil on the hair, it will strip color. In fact, if you color
your hair and it is a little darker than you would like, a hot 
oil treatment will remove some of it. A good way to still utilize
the benfits of a hot oil treatment, even if you color your hair 
is to use the oil treatment before you are due for your next

Flat beer to give your hair body...

Be sure to use beer that has lost its zing, or else heat fresh 
beer and allow it to cool. Wash your hair, pour it on, and comb. 
It will not smell after it dries...


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Vinegar hair rinses...

These are great for the hair. They give body, increase shine,
and remove build-ups on the hair. Cider vinegar is good for 
brunettes, white vinegar for blondes. Four tablespoons in 
three glasses of warm water. Then use lots of cool water to 
remove the smell...

Lemons can be a blonde's best friend...

The juice of two lemons in two glasses of lukewarm water and
rinsed through shampooed hair will brighten the blonde and
give it shine. A spray bottle filled with lemon and water
can be spritzed on dry hair before sitting out in the sun to
enhance already blonde or highlighted hair. Keep in mind, I
said "enhanced", I didn't say it will turn you into a blonde
from a brunette. Make sure you condition the hair well to prevent

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