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Publication: Looking Good
Going Grey

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                  LOOKING GOOD - June 10, 2008   
              "Tips To Help You Look & Feel Your Best"   

Good Morning,   

After an absolutely delightful spring, the inevitable finally
arrived today. Hot, with a forecast of hot, followed by sunny
and hot. We always know it's coming, we expect it, but we still
sigh and start counting until summer is over...

The new lawn is coming along just fine and it looks like we may
be able to take down the temporary fencing down in a week. It's
nice and thick and hopefully, will be able to withstand the two-
Dane stampede...

During the day, the grass is safe since the two of them want no
part of being outdoors. The early morning as well as late evening
hours are when "Thunderpaws" come alive...





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This lightweight case features rugged nylon construction and
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Grab one or two while you can. This is a closeout item so once
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CD PORTFOLIO (24 Capacity)


A side effect of going Grey that nobody talks about, but notices,
is that your hair can end up turning yellow. Once you're Grey all 
over, or at least 95 percent there, you'll discover your hair is 
much more sensitive to the elements... 

Specifically, it turns yellow when it comes into contact with free 
radicals in the environment. There's no avoiding this, except with 
frequent trims, so it's best to get shampoos specifically formulated 
for Grey hair that will eliminate those dulling tones. Make sure to 
keep a good conditioner handy, or alternate with a moisturizing shampoo. 
Otherwise your hair will get a little dry from the anti-yellow shampoos. 
Moisture is usually a challenge with full Grey -- avoid alcohol- or 
silicone-based styling products. They can increase the dryness and 
the yellow tint...

Of course, there are shampoos on the market to help counteract the 
yellow by adding blue to the shampoos. Need I tell you this considering
"blue-haired ladies" is a term we have all heard and it isn't in a
flattering tone. If you feel you want to try one, don't use them more 
than once or twice a month to prevent "blue staining"...



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Loaded with features.... Open it up and you won't believe all
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slots., six (6) clear credit card slots, one (1) hidden pouch
great for a key! There's a spot for everything...

The Marshal motto of, Sure, Pure & Perfect is never more true
than with this classic black wallet. It's a wallet that demands

What may be the biggest surprise is the price we have... through
a special buy, we are able to offer this quality wallet for less
than cost. In fact you can get three (3) wallets for less than
the normal price of one.

To see a picture of it (or the Classic Bifold Style), visit:



If you are thinking of going totally grey, you may not like how you 
look while your hair is turning Grey, but you may find you can embrace 
it once you are all the way there... 

You should be at least 40 percent Grey to consider going all the way.  
Until that time you may want to cover grey strands every few months.  
If that looks flat and less vibrant, ask your stylist about applying 
highlights over the dyed hair...  

Once your hair is 40 percent Grey, you can stop coloring. The 
inevitable regrowth requires much upkeep and effort, and grey 
roots show up real fast, not the most graceful look. You won't 
have a full head of smashing silver locks over night, but it'll 
happen eventually... 

While you wait, get a haircut and cut out all the old color if you 
can stand a short style. If that's not a good look for you, have a 
stylist weave in a few lowlights as you grow out the old shade. 
It's a subtle way to deemphasize roots as the Grey comes in and 
the single process color goes out... 

Work on getting hair in good condition. Once you see how shiny and 
fresh it looks, you'll probably never go back...

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