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Publication: Looking Good
Premature Greying

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                  LOOKING GOOD - June 9, 2008   
              "Tips To Help You Look & Feel Your Best"   

Good Morning,   

I'm going to have to cut this a little short today. Not
because I have anything important or fun to do. Not unless
you consider lying on a heating pad for the past three days,
"a good time"...

My back has been out since Friday. When I say "out", I mean
out as in, pain that makes your eyes water, movement that makes
a snail seam like an Olympic sprinter, and pain that travels from
the lower back to the upper back as soon as you think it may be 
easing up...

How did this happen, you may be asking? No, I didn't strain my
back by doing something I shouldn't have done, no, I didn't
hit the lottery and pull muscles jumping up for joy. This was
more of an injury I got while I was sound asleep. (Nah, it
didn't happen that way either)...

At 12:56 in the morning, I was jolted out of a deep sleep by two
flying puppies, who sleep all day and come to life at night because
of the heat. I'm usually aware of their nightly "Nascar Race" and
take defensive measures when they fly on and off the bed in big,
wide circles. I must have been extremely tired because I wasn't
able to roll into my fetal ball as a method of protection and
was jolted awake by heavy weights and bones that sounded like
they were at a Chiropractor's office during an adjustment. I
could actually hear and feel the cracking bones up and down my
spine. I grabbed them (not an easy task), and made them go outside
to burn off the rest of their energy. 45 minutes later, they came 
back, plopped down, and didn't move until the next morning...

I, on the other hand, could move until the following morning and
by the end of the following day, pain, followed by pain, with a
little pain thrown in had hit my upper, middle, and lower back...

It's a little better right now, but..if it continues, even at this
pain level, I may have to go to the doctor. I'm going to give the
whirlpool a few tries and try to find a "safe" place to sleep while
I'm nursing the back...

Trouble is, the ony safe place I can think of is...California



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is grey before 40 that you can claim premature grey...

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In some cases, early greying can indicate underlying medical 
problems like thyroid disorders, vitiligo, vitamin-B12 deficiency 
and anemia. Have a checkup if you're concerned...

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