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Publication: Looking Good
Put This On Your "To Do" List

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                  LOOKING GOOD - June 5, 2008   
              "Tips To Help You Look & Feel Your Best"   

Good Morning,   

Flyboy headed to the University of Arizona this morning at
5 A.M. with the youngest one for freshman orientation. It's 
a two day event. You could see the excitement in the young one's
eyes. You could see something in Flyboy's eyes also. A look
that I have't seen since he was scheduled for a root canal...

Dads are so funny...Even when they don't mean to be...





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I have covered this a few times in the past, but everyday
there are new readers and if I haven't scared them off by
now, may need this tip. For those who have heard it before,
use it as a reminder and put it on your "to do" list...

Cleaning your makeup brushes...I admit I'm as guilty as the 
next one for not doing it as often as I should and will fall
back on the old mother's cliche of "do as I say, not as I do."

Keeping your makeup brushes clean prevents bacteria from
collecting on them and transferring the bacteria to your face,
which in turn can aggravate an acne condition or create a
condition that might not otherwise occur...

Cleaning them is simple, so that's not the reason we are 
sometimes negligent. It's usually a matter of "not thinking
about it," or "postponing it until later," with "later" still
not happening and those brushes are now older than your favorite
pair of PJ's which you DO clean...


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Shampoo is made to remove oil and grime from your hair and will
do nicely with your makeup brushes. Fill your sink with warm
water, squirt some shampoo in the sink with the water and swish
the brushes in the water as you gasp at the colors that run out
of the brushes. Close your mouth, drain the sink, rinse the brushes
out under the faucet and repeat if you feel guilty enough after
seeing what just happened. When you're satisfied that the brushes
are clean, gently towel blot the brushes and immerse them in
rubbing alcohol to disinfect them and shake out the excess alcohol
off in the sink. Stand them upright to dry overnight. If they
aren't quite dry in the morning when you need to use them again, 
blowdry them on cool and gently fluff with your fingers as you
dry them...

And by the way...If you're feeling guilty enough by now, why
not take an extra 5 minutes and clean those combs and brushes.
We should all sufficently need therapy by now for the amount of 
guilt going around. I know I'm a wreck...(May as well blame it 
on this huh?)

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