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Publication: Looking Good
Lipstick Tips

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                  LOOKING GOOD - June 4, 2008   
              "Tips To Help You Look & Feel Your Best"   

Good Morning,   

The new lawn we planted is doing very well. It's almost all
grown in and has already had to be cut. Part of the success
in because of the fence that completely keeps Ginger and "Big
Foot" off of it while it's getting nursed back to health...

The sprinklers are set to go on four times a day, which makes
Coco a happy "little" girl. She can hear them turn on, even
when she is sound asleep, and races outside to do her four times
a day ritual...

She starts at one sprinkler head and places her mouth completely
over the whole thing. She then goes to each and every one and
repeats her thirst-quenching, ear drenching ritual. Ginger wants
no part of it and stands back watching it...

While Coco and Ginger hate the fence and can't wait until they can
go back and romp in the nice, cool grass. Rabbits have been arriving
and feasting on the fresh produce. They're smart enough to know they
are safe from the pooches. Coco and Ginger aren't as smart about
chasing rabbits as Keno was. With Keno, all we had to say was "Keno,
rabbit! and off he'd go. These two goombas look at us with a blank
look on their faces. In their defense, they really haven't seen
rabbits up close because by the time they get outside, every rabbit
in the neighborhood has sent out the DANGER, Dane alert warning...





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Lipstick...Some people feel "naked" without it...Here are
some tips from storing them to applying them...

When buying lipsticks, never use the tester on your lips,
it's unhygienic. Instead, test it on your fingertips or
the back of your hand. The color and texture of your hand
are closer to your lips...

Store not only perfume in the fridge to make it last longer,
but also your lipstick...

Break off the lipstick from the tube? Heat the end of the broken
part of the lipstick with a lighter or match until soft, place it
back on the broken piece in the tube, put it in the freezer, and
it will be good as new...

If you want your lipstick to last longer on the lips, use a lip
pencil as a base on the lips. Outline and then color in the lips
with the pencil. If you like to wear light colored lipsticks,
use a nude pencil. Afterwards, color your lips with your lipstick...



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Lining your lips with a pencil can prevent lipstick "feathering."

Women over 50 look better with a creamy lipstick over a matte
or glossy look. Moisture is the reason on that...

If you're like me and the color you bought never ends up being
the "right" one, color in your lips with a pencil a few shades
darker than your lipstick to tone it down if it's too bright.
(An example would be a brown pencil under a dark red lipstick).
You can also coat the lipstick with a darker lip gloss to tone
down the brightness of the color...

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