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Publication: Great Sexpectations
Reader Comments

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                  Friday, May 30, 2008
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<%BLOG|Reader Comments%>

A very warm welcome from Carmen Sutra:  

I must say that I am extremely pleased with this week's batch
of letters. I didn't know what to call this issue: "Tubbin'",
"Maestro of Masturbation", "I Can Admit When I'm Wrong", "Have 
You Tasted Your Cum?"...and so many other options. That's 
right, I've included letters regarding each of those intriguing
topics. Time to dive in.

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Today's Topic: Reader Comments

                [Question of the Week:]


My wife says she will give me head and swallow only if I will 
try my own cum so that I know what she goes through and the 
taste involved. Have any other men been asked to do this. 
what do woman and men think about this? love your column
[Alright, readers, send your feedback!]


I just recently experience squirting for the first time ever
when my partner performed oral sex on me. Is this pee or is 
it female ejaculation? I found it quite embarrassing.
[Thank you for having the courage to ask this because, like
you said, many find it embarrassing. The liquid is not urine;
it's ejaculate as you suspected. It's completely normal and
happens to many women, especially with G-spot stimulation.]


I have been masturbating for about 13 years now. I am 41. I 
think when I was in my 20's I found it to be something only 
desperate, lonely people did. My husband actually introduced 
me to self exploration 13 yeas ago. He made me feel it was 
ok to please myself. And I can say it has gotten better and 
better over time. The better I get to know me, the more I can 
introduce "me" when I'm with my husband. It has made sex 
between us over the top. I masturbate with my husband and 
without (especially in the bathtub, I call it tubbin').  

It also helps curb the "hunger" until I can be alone with my 
husband. And when I hit my 40's the hunger really kicked up! 
It has made me more confident sexually. It isn't a "replace-
ment" for my husband but a tool that helps me be more passion-
ate when with my husband. There is no substitute for real 
thing but man, it can intensify a fantasy. I keep trying to 
tell my 23-year-old niece about self exploration but she is 
too uncomfortable about it all. She'll wished she had years 
from now. Hope all your readers who aren't touching themselves 
decide to try it out and let us know what their research 
reveals, all in the name of accurate information of course.
Got to protect Carmen and the ezines reputation. Happy 
hunting, sexers!

Hi Carmen,

My wife and I have been married almost 5 years and we both 
used to enjoy self-pleasure when we were dating as we lived 
100 miles apart and could only get together a few times a 
month, so quite a bit of phone-sex during that time. It took 
a while before either one of us would in front of the other 
though. I don't too often anymore, mostly on sleepy mornings 
where I'm horny and she's not awake enough to enjoy regular 
sex but doesn't mind me getting off on her (helps since she 
is the star of my fantasies). She still does herself some, 
sometimes when I'm not handy and she's really feeling in the 
mood, and sometimes her little bullet comes in to play when 
she needs a little "jump-start" to really get her in the mood 
when we are together. 

I've never felt left out when she does and actually find it 
quite a turn on to watch her get off, especially if I know 
it's just to get her "warmed  up" if I'm there, but I will 
admit I get a little jealous if she does it alone and I miss 
out on at least watching her get off (missing out on fresh 
fantasy material! ;-). But overall I think masturbation is 
good for all for many reasons, especially if you can learn 
to share with your partner sometimes and both of you learn 
what the other likes as far as pleasing themselves physically 
(fast, slow, touch here, there, whatever). You don't need to
necessarily share your fantasy material each time, but even 
learning to share that part of the time helps too.

Carmen -

There is nothing that turns my boyfriend on more than to watch 
me masturbate. It seemed silly to me at first and I was reluct-
ant to do it, but once I opened that door, the possibilities 
seemed endless! I like to send him a text message while he is 
at work to let him know when I'm doing it, and he is more than 
happy to run home and join me after work!

Also, on a similar vein, I recently had the pleasure of en-
joying a bath with my loved one. It was the most romantic 
thing we've ever done, and very spur of the moment :D I was 
taking a bath anyway, and he thought he'd just hop in and 
join me! Needless to say, it ended with much needed heavy 
petting and mutual masturbation. I swear, a bath just saved 
the romantic side of our relationship! I recommend it to 

   [Embarrassing Masturbation Story after the Deadline:]


When I was still in college I rented a cabin in the Canadian 
woods with two couples. The "love of my life" was out of town 
on an extended assignment so I was feeling a bit deserted. On 
the second night the couples retired to the two bedrooms and 
I curled up on the too short couch. Since I was unusually 
horny I decided to take matters into my own hands. We had 
done a lot of hiking that day so just as I was getting close 
to climax, my left hamstring started to cramp. 

Naturally, I ignored it planning to tend to it as soon as my 
pressing business was complete. It got so bad that I had to 
straighten my left leg. At this point I discovered that when 
I straightened my leg the cramp would ease however I would 
start to lose momentum towards climaxing. I was caught in a 
vicious cycle. If I could just finish I could take care of 
the cramp and I was so close. And so it went straighten the 
leg, bend the leg, straighten the leg, bend the leg, over and 
over until the leg pain became overwhelming. 

In the complete absence of choice, I bounded to my feet and 
bounced around the room like Tigger chasing a hafalump. I 
heard a distant howling, maybe a bear I thought, not realiz-
ing that it was emanating from my own throat. How could things 
get worse? And then it happened! I felt my right shin bone 
painfully impact against an unseen end table, The table 
upended scattering its' contents amok through out the room. 
I felt my body hurtling out of control on a direct collision 
course with the floor. It was a good thing I was still grasp-
ing my private parts or they may have been broken into not 
so private parts. 

I lay on the floor writhing uncontrollably in pain still hold-
ing my privates with my right hand and my thigh muscle with 
my left. Survival was the key issue and all thoughts of climax 
had long since departed. How could things get any worse? And 
then it happened! The room was suddenly and blindingly bathed 
in bright light. The source of the light was a mystery so it 
seemed quite plausible that I was going to meet my maker and 
that I should 'go to the light.' Then I heard loud laughter 
and began to make out the shapes of my four "former" friends 
who found my predicament to be hilarious. One of the women 
commented, "I've heard of people masturbating before but you 
really get into it. You are truly the maestro of masturbation!"  

It seemed to take forever for my muscle cramp to abate. I lay 
naked and embarrassed, (quite literally) while she massaged 
out my left thigh. I never lived this down. To this day when-
ever one of them calls me Maestro it brings on fits of laugh-
ter completely at my expense. Others ask what is so funny but 
are always left in the dark.

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[I can admit when I'm wrong...Regarding last week's reader
comment from a 23-year-old female reader who recently lost
her libido. Several of you indicated the following:]


I can't believe that the only idea you had for the 23-year-
old woman who had lost her sex drive was to increase foreplay 
time or masturbate. This woman needs to see a gynecologist 
and have a complete physical, including hormone level tests.  
Her lowered drive may be indicative of either simple or ser-
ious medical problems. I hope I am not the only one who 
comments on this. Thank you. 


That's a wrap, folks! Thanks again for all your feedback 
this week. If you want to respond to one of today's letters,
just make sure to put something related in the subject 
header. Who's gonna have some bath time this weekend? :) 
As always, I remain...

Devotedly yours,   

Carmen Sutra   

*********************WEEKLY VIDEO CLIP**********************

                  McCain Preacher Woes 

In this segment, we see John Hagee's attack on millions of 
Catholics and Jews. Why does the news media give McCain a pass 
on this? Why has it taken so long for him to reject his support?  


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