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Publication: Looking Good
Jewelry Do's and Don'ts

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                  LOOKING GOOD - May 30, 2008   
              "Tips To Help You Look & Feel Your Best"   

Good Morning,   

My mom had her follow-up appointment this morning and the
doctor is very pleased, not only that, she actually had some
vision already! I talked to her and she was in great spirits 
and although she said her eye is sore, she said it wasn't too
bad. The funny thing about it is...She now has a green eye 
instead of a brown one! The new cornea is green and I told
my mom I would send her my article on eye color and personality
and let her know what personality she should expect in the next
few months. She said something I can't repeat and I knew she
was going to be A-OK, no matter what color her eye is...

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You've probably seen this 1,000 times. A woman gets all dressed 
to go out in a fabulous outfit, great shoes, nice hair and lo
and behold, she is wearing so much jewelry you'd swear it was
a "Mr. T. starter kit." The wrong jewelry, or too much can ruin
the total look...

Wearing bold jewelry takes confidence and fashion know-how. It 
says to the world, "I'm no shrinking violet, and I'm okay with 
standing out in a crowd." What it shouldn't scream is, "I am 
over-accessorizing with the wrong outfit!" The main thing to 
remember is less is more. If you are wearing a chunky bangle 
and necklace, forget the bling-bling ring and big earrings, or 
you'll look like you're playing dress-up in Mommy's closet. 

When you want to wear big and bold jewelry, don't wear prints 
they just don't get along. Sleek all-black and all-white, however, 
are perfect with big or colorful jewelry. Have fun with the coral 
and turquoise trends of the season. The last thing to remember is 
the larger a stone, the less real it looks. Large retro-cool 
cocktail rings are very in right now, but resist the "gem-tation" 
to pair yours with other jewel-encrusted pieces. Let the ring be 
the focal point of your look...

Mix Metals...

We were once told not to mix metals, and this is one of the 
old-school rules (like no white after Labor Day) that designers 
now ignore. Wearing gold with gold and silver with silver creates 
a more traditional look, but isn't true fashion all about looking 
modern? The trick is, if you want to mix metals, keep the style of 
the jewelry the same. A modern gold cuff won't look right paired 
back to dainty, antique platinum and diamond earrings. The 
"stacking trend" lends itself perfectly to the mixing of metals. 
Stack square or round rings or bangles in different shades of gold. 
You can even layer gold and silver necklaces for a fashion-forward 
look. Sometimes rules were made to be broken... 



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Wear the Right Necklace Lengths...

Have you even seen someone who is dressed to the nines, yet 
something seems somehow off? Wearing the wrong length necklace 
with a particular neckline is probably the most common mistake 
women make when it comes to wearing jewelry. Here are some simple 
guidelines for getting it right...

Collar necklaces should lie snugly around the middle of the neck, 
and can be worn with V-neck, boat-neck and off-the-shoulder tops. 
Chokers fall perfectly at the base of the neck, and look great with 
strapless or plunging necklines...
Princess length necklaces (17 to 19 inches) fall just below the 
throat. This is the most common and versatile length of necklace. 
It can be worn with most necklines except the high ones. Add a 
pendant and wear with a V-neck for a pretty look...
Matinee length necklaces (20 to 24 inches) hit the top of the bust, 
and it's best not to wear this length with plunging necklines. If 
the necklace hits the very top of your neckline, it will be fighting 
for attention with your top...
Opera length necklaces (28 to 34 inches) fall below the bust and look 
great with a very high neckline. They can be worn from day to evening. 
This length can also be doubled for a multi-strand look...

Consider Your Age and Body Type..
Just as a piece of jewelry can accentuate the positive, it can 
also draw attention to your not-so-positive areas...

Chokers are made for women with more youthful skin. Women with 
aging necks will want longer chains and necklaces to draw attention 
away from any neck imperfections...
If you have a wide neck, you can balance that by wearing graduated 
necklaces, which are very thin around the side of the neck and larger 
below the collarbone...
If you have a long, thin neck that you don't want to accentuate, 
try a triple-strand necklace, with the shortest strand hugging the 
base of the throat. Avoid V-shaped chains...

Have a great weekend everyone!

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