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Publication: Looking Good
Wearing Makeup During Hot Weather

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LOOKING GOOD - May 28, 2008 "Tips To Help You Look & Feel Your Best" ------------------------------------------------------------ Good Morning, Barring any last-minute changes, my mom will be having her eye surgery today. She has consistently amazed all of us with her strength and the ability to accept everything with little or no complaints... I sure wish I had 1/10th of that quality... :-) Jamie [*TAGLINE1*] [*TAGLINE2*] [*TAGURL*] ------------------------------------------------------------ DIGITAL DESKTOP WEATHER STATION Normal Price: $19.99 OUR PRICE: $9.99 Get two for $13.98 Check current weather conditions right from your desktop with the Digital Desktop Weather Station by Journey's Edge. This compact, but powerful, unit stands up on a desk or table to display the current temperature, humidity and moon phase and more. Features Include: - Displays Current Weather Conditions - Displays The Moon Phase - A built-in calendar displays time & date - 12/24 hour time format - Built-in alarm clock. - Temperature settings: Fahrenheit & Centigrade - Humidity Display. - Easy to operate control buttons - And YES, A Battery IS Included. Get one for $9.99 or save an additional $6.00 and get two (2) for $13.98. http://pd.gophercentral.com/r/120/a/611/l/a754o8 DIGITAL DESKTOP WEATHER STATION * Hot weather not only makes you sweat, it dissolves make-up and increases the skin's oil production, which causes your face to shine like chrome in the sun... Carry blotting paper with you at all times during the summer. You can find these at any drug store and they are inexpensive. Press them onto your t-zone area over your make-up to keep your finished look. If you don't like to wear make-up, use them to keep your face shine free... Apply powder first to your face before applying make-up. Models use this trick to keep their faces as fresh as possible under the hot lights... Use lighter make-up colors in the summer. Neutral shadows don't look as visible when they "melt". Darker shades are more likely to gather in the eyelid creases and look much more noticeable... * HOME SECURITY DOOR ALARM Store Price: $19.99 DEAL PRICE: $9.99 or get two for $15.98 When you see this you'll wonder... how the heck does this work? It's a door alarm that ANYONE can install... without any special wiring, on any non-metallic door. This handy device will sound an instant ear piercing alarm if anyone touches your door knob. The 2-in-1 Alarm is great protection against unwanted visitors. Best of all, besides the price, is No Wiring Needed! And if you're like me and wonder how it does work, visit the site and click on the link to watch the short video. Grab one or save even more and get two. Visit: http://pd.gophercentral.com/r/120/a/611/l/9v7or8 2 in 1 Home Security Door Alarm * Use less make-up...You don't need heavy foundations in the heat. A little bit of concealer to even skin tone and hide slight imperfections is all you need. Follow with a light dusting of powder, a waterproof mascara on curled lashes, no more than one coat on top and bottom... Powder lips before applying lipstick. This will make the lips matte and help keep your lipstick on longer in the heat... Set your eyeshadow with pressed powder...If you gently press some powder over your eye shadow using a firm powder puff, your shadow will stay fresher and have less chance of creasing. Loose powder won't work as well, if at all... Put your lip and eye pencils in the freezer for 10-15 minutes before you sharpen them so they won't crumble and be easier to use. If your lipstick has melted in the heat, freeze that also to save it. If you are nowhere near a freezer and want to use your melted lipstick, just dab it on with your finger... :-) MISSED AN ISSUE OR TO VIEW PAST ISSUES OF LOOKING GOOD... ARCHIVES: http://archives.gophercentral.com/newsletter_20.html NEW!!! Looking Good Forum...Discuss this issue or any other issue you want to talk about! http://archives.gophercentral.com/forum/forums/forum-view.asp?fid=5 Viral Videos on the Net at EVTV1.com http://www.evtv1.com/ EVTV1.com ----------------------------------------------------------- To SUBSCRIBE: http://www.gophercentral.com Subscribe ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ UNSUBSCRIBE by visiting: http://news.gophercentral.com/s/?a=u&n=[*NID*] You are subscribed as: [*EMAIL*] Change Your Email Address by Visiting: http://scripts.gophercentral.com/email_update/start.asp ----------------------------------------------------------- END OF Looking Good Copyright 2008 NextEra Media All rights reserved. Please forward this, in its entirety, to others.
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