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Publication: Looking Good
Eye Color and Personality

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                  LOOKING GOOD - May 27, 2008   
              "Tips To Help You Look & Feel Your Best"   

Good Morning,   

Summer vacation officially started here in Arizona. (Oh joy!)
The youngest graduated high school on Thursday and will be
heading to the University of Arizona in Tucson in August. He
will be majoring in Physics and Astronomy. He's quite a brainiac
and through Junior High and High School, never missed a day of
school, never got a "B", including college courses he took, and
yet, looks at a can opener like it is a space age invention. Go

I got "hit" with the stomach flu at the end of last week and
spent "quality time" with my bathroom. Yesterday was the first
day I felt semi-human again. I don't know how or where I got
it, but I think it's just a case of being run down from the
past few months, which have been hectic, emotional and just





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Barb emailed me and asked about an old article about eye 
color and personality traits. I thought I would repeat it for 
those who weren't subscribers when it first appeared and for
those who may have forgotten what personality they are supposed
to have. Judge for yourself, do your eyes match your personality?

Hazel Eyes...Hazel is a color combination of brown, green,
and golden-yellow which matches the flexible personality
of people with this color eye. These people go with the
flow and can adapt to any situation... 

Blue...People with blue eyes can remain calm under the most
stressful circumstances. Emotionally, however, mood swings
can take place at any time...

Green...People with green eyes project independence and 
mystery. Affectionate with people they are close, but keep
their distance with new acquaintances until they have proven
themselves trustworthy... 


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Brown/black...People with brown eyes are thought of as trustworthy
and responsible. People seem to seek advice more from people
with brown eyes. Loving and passionate to a fault...

Gray...People with gray eyes are strong in nature and leaders.
They are able to see both sides of an argument and settle 
disputes. Directness is their strong suit...  

So...How close did this come to your personality? If you
like a different personality better than your own, you could 
always wear colored contacts...Hahahahaha

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