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Publication: Great Sexpectations
Most Embarrassing Masturbation Stories 2008

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                 Monday, May 26, 2008
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<%BLOG|Most Embarrassing Masturbation Stories%>

A very warm welcome from Carmen Sutra:  

Put down your hamburgers for a moment and enjoy our annual
Most Embarrassing Masturbation stories! Every year people
always ask me for more stories or to reprint the top list.
With this year's list, really put yourself in that person's
position and you will understand the mortification! Without
further hesitation, I present to you the Most Embarrassing
Masturbation stories 2008...

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Today's Topic: The Moment You've Been Waiting For

4. My most embarrassing masturbation story? Well, I was about 
19 y/o and in the army. Our unit had just returned from a 
month long field exercise. During these exercises we didn't 
get any time alone so there was no place to take care of 
personal business. So I was really in need of relief. In the 
barracks I had a room all to myself because my roommate had 
just been discharged. I thought I was free to do whatever I 
wanted in privacy. I took out my magazines, this was in the 
80's, pre-internet, and got down to business. It was late 
in the evening, we had driven all day and I was really tired. 

Somewhere along the line I fell asleep, naked on the bed with 
all my stuff laid out around me. About 2 hours later there 
was a knock on the door, but I didn't hear it. Whoever it was 
just used the master key and came in. They put clean sheets 
on the foot of my bunk where I was sleeping, and left. I woke 
up, saw the pile of sheets and knew I was in for some humili-
ation. It wasn't until days later that my company commander 
cornered me about it. But all he said was "Do you know what 
we saw last week?" I never found out who else was there. Every 
time I saw someone in my unit I wondered if they had seen me 
like that. I was due to transfer anyway and left about a month 

3. My most embarassing masturbation story happened many years 
ago, I was in 9th grade and home for the day with no school. 
I was feeling horny and did my thing in the upstairs bathroom.
I forgot to flush and went back downstairs. My Mom went up 
to clean the bathroom and especially the toilet where I just 
made a deposit. I heard her go in and I went flying up the 
stairs and all I could think of to say was "I just coughed 
all that up." She just looked at me without saying a word.

2. I was about twelve. The house had only one bathroom. My mother 
had taken in a male boarder. I was in the bathtub, masturbat-
ing, my back arched above the water level, about ready to cum
I had apparently failed to lock the door and the boarder had 
apparently waited as long as he could. The door came open, I 
dropped like a piece of lead, he walked past to the toilet, 
not looking at me, and then back out after he'd peed, again 
not looking at me. I knew he'd seen, and I knew he'd make it 
a big deal with his friends. He and they were in their 30s or 
so. And I was working with his boss, part time. I had to face 
them later, and don't remember just how I managed it. 

1. I never masterbated until I was with my current lover. He 
isn't into sex because of a accident back in 2000. So I de-
cided to try pleasuring myself in between times of sex with 
him. I jumped into the shower, soaped up and wow! Unfortu-
nately I was so involved, I leaned up against the shower 
curtain and fell out of the tub, broke my arm and could not 
stand up because I was so soapy. 

So I ended up wrapping myself up in the last of the shower 
curtain and called 911 for help. I guess that would have been 
okay, except my future father-in-law was on call with the 
EMS. He walked in with the others, lifted an eyebrow and said, 
"So that is what my son sees in you". I looked down and rea-
lized my bottom half wasn't covered. WAS I EMBARRASSED. I have 
never lived that down! and we have a good laugh when he and 
my future mom-in-law visit. It really broke the ice with the 
future in-laws!!


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Did you enjoy those? Well, the month isn't over yet! We will
wrap up May/Masturbation month on Wednesday with a new topic:
are you threatened by your partner masturbating? While some
may scoff, others are truly upset by this. Enjoy your day
and tune in on Wednesday. And thanks to all those who sub-
mitted their stories this year! As always, I remain...

Devotedly yours,   

Carmen Sutra   

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speak with HAMAS.   


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