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Publication: Looking Good
Hiding Dark Circles

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                  LOOKING GOOD - May 23, 2008   
              "Tips To Help You Look & Feel Your Best"   

Good Morning,   

Because of the Memorial Day holiday on Monday, we will not 
be mailing that day and will return on Tuesday...

Well, another season of Idol is over and all I can say is...
America got it right! Goooooooo Cooooooookieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
I thought it was a pretty good finale and Cook was flawless
all night. In interviews following the show, David Archuleta
looked more relaxed than he did all season and he actually
looked relieved! I wish "little David" the best and hope
he has a bright future in the music industry...if it's truly
something HE wants! Other observations from the night and

Cook and ZZ Topp...Awesome!
Cook and Archuleta duet...Fanatastic!
Donna Summer...Still has a voice at 60!
Gladys Knight and her "Pips", (Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Robert
Downey Jr.)...Hysterical and she also still has a voice!
Michael Johns, the Aussie "hunk", reminded me why I adored him
before he got the boot. He was flawless!
Carly Smithson...didn't need to remind me why I never liked her...
Mike Meyers...Didn't even realize it was him until the end, I
thought it was cute...Mariska Hargitay
Carrie Underwood...Voice keeps getting better, her clothes keep
getting shorter...
Jordin Sparks...Great voice, bad fashion sense...
Brooke White..."sweet", but not a poster child for Dancing With
The Stars...
Amanda...Looked angry, unhappy to be there, sang crappy and I hope
she doesn't take it out on her patients...
David Hernandez...Acted like this was his last shot at being noticed
and "overacted" every move, although I have to admit, I laughed out 
loud when he oversang the word "naked" with a devious look. (He was 
a male stripper down here in Arizona when he got picked for Idol)...
Chikeze...Love that guy! So much personality...
Kristy Lee Cook...Never was a fan...
Jason Castro...Before Idol, this kid had never sung in front of an
audience. I always got a kick out of him because of his "hey I'm
just happy to be here" attitude...
Syesha...Cute as a button, still don't think her vocals are that
Ramiele...Another cute as a button girl, who will only get better
as she gets a little older...

After last year's forgettable season, this season showed us a lot
of talent, and it appears, a genuinely nice group of contestants,
(except for possibly a few that you probably already formed an
opinion on). I'm not sure if the age shoud be raised a little
to protect some of these young ones, not that the talent isn't
there. Maybe it's my motherly instinct that wants to protect
them. Anyway, thats about it for this year's Idol. Can't wait 
to get Cook's first CD...

What's The Deal For This Week?

Here is an item I was going to offer to you back in March.
It was one of my favorite new items... I guess I wasn't the
only one who liked it.

It's the Electronic Money Machine. We put it up on the site
and before I even had a chance to mail out the deal we sold
200 of them. Then when we to order more, we found out the
manufacturer was backordered and wouldn't be getting a shipment
in until May.

Well they are on the way to us right now. We should have
them either today or tomorrow. I didn't want to make the same
mistake twice, so I'm emailing this out before the truck

Here are the details:

Electronically Counts EVERY Coin You Deposit...

Store Price: $14.99

This incredible Money Machine electronically counts every coin
as you deposit them. Displays a running total of your savings
so you'll know exactly how much you have.

A fun and educational way to teach children how to count and
save. Top twists off for easy access and re-sets to zero to
start all over again. Takes 2 AA batteries (not included).
To see a picture, get more info or order, visit:

Today's Deal of the Day





The Natural Way To Eliminate Static...

Store Price: $14.99
Get Two Packages For $9.98

Anti Static Dryer Balls save you money AND the environment.
Stop using costly dryer sheets and anti static sprays, and
stop exposing you and your family to potentially harmful
chemicals they contain.

Start using Dryer Max Anti Static Balls, the safe natural way
to eliminate static cling without the use of chemicals. Just
toss Anti Static Balls in dryer with your laundry... IT'S THAT

The special foam core attracts and traps static away from
laundry to leave clothes free of static cling. Dryer Max Anti-
Static Balls are chemical free and won't leave an oily residue
on clothes. They are hypoallergenic and reusable over and over
again. Safe for all fabrics.

Package contains 2 Anti-Static Balls. Order by visiting:

The Natural Way To Eliminate Static...


Dark circles and puffiness don't have to ruin your look by
trying a few of these tricks...

Get some flat stones from your local craft store and chill them.
Place the chilled stones over your eyes and gently press to reduce 

Mix a shimmery gold eyeshadow with your regular concealer to
counteract the darkness...

Look at the shade of your concealer...Try a concealer that is
actually one shade darker than your skin tone to hide them...


Clean & Comfort Your Sole...

Normal Price: $14.99
Get 2 for $9.98

This unique foot massager mat features two (2) types of flexible
bristles that clean your feet and stimulates blood circulation.
Also, it has a built-in embedded pumice stone to rid dead cells
on the hard skin on your sole.

The suction cups underneath the base will allow an easy fix to
shower floor. And when its not in use you can hang it on a hook
or attach it to the side of the shower.

Now you clean your soles and enjoy a comfortable foot massage
every time you take a shower!... Makes An Excellent Gift

Get one for $5.99... or get two (2) for $9.98. To order, visit:



If you want to give your lips a fuller look while using
only lip gloss, apply a waxy lip balm first as a primer.
(Such as Carmex, etc.) That extra layer of balm gives the
lips "padding" that gives a slightly fuller look...

Enjoy the holiday weekend and stay safe!

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