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Publication: Looking Good
Removing Stubborn Nail Polish

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                  LOOKING GOOD - May 21, 2008   
              "Tips To Help You Look & Feel Your Best"   

Good Morning,   

Boy, when it rains, it pours, and in my case, the "rain"
is coming from underground! I got my water bill and I
think my eyeballs are still a little popped out after
looking at it. My bill was over 100.00 higher than it
was last month and I first thought it was because of the
broken water pipe to the sprinkler system that was repaired
last week...

Good chance that was part of the problem, but I found out
the "rest of the problem" when I increased the amount of times
a day it goes on because of the heat wave we have been having.
I happened to be outside when it went on the second time...

Some of the drips had no water coming out of them because
there was no water pressure feeding the water to the plants

There were five or six different "bubbling ponds" here,
there and everywhere...

Now I know where Moose was getting all the water for her
mud paw treatments...

Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhh, The guys are coming Thursday to check 
and repair it all. Good chance the whole yard will have to
be trenched...

I'm sure Moose will be happy to help them if they need it,
no one can trench like Big Foot...



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Someone asked me how to remove "hard to remove" nail polishes.
You can try using a dryer sheet instead of a cotton ball with
your remover. If that doesn't work, soak a cotton ball in
polish remover, (one for each nail). Place on the nail and 
wrap in a aluminum foil. Cut small squares, big enough to
wrap around and fold tightly over the nail. Five minutes
should do it...

This same procedure can be used to remove acryllic nails.
Make sure the polish remover has acetone in it for removing
acryllic nails and it will take a lot longer than five
minutes. Be patient, the acryllic will soften and you
can either gently scrape away the acryllic residue, or
wipe off with a dryer sheet or cotton ball soaked in the


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Epsom salt has been around for a long time. There are many
uses for it. If you pour two cups of Epsom Salts in a tub
of warm water, not only will it soften your skin, but ease
soreness and stiffness of tired muscles. This is especially
good for those who want to relax their muscles after a

Handfuls of Epsom salt on wet skin will cleanse, exfoliate 
and soften the skin. Start with the feet and work up towards
the face. Keep refilling your hand with more Epsom salts and
gently massage the wet skin, followed by a warm rinse. You
can use this on just the face if you like also...

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