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Publication: Looking Good
Strong, Healthy Nails

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                  LOOKING GOOD - May , 2008   
              "Tips To Help You Look & Feel Your Best"   

Good Morning,   

UGH! What a weekend I had... My laptop decided to test
my patience and I have to admit, the laptop won. For two
days any and everything was done to get it running and 
even though there are three other computers in the house,
my laptop is THE most important one to me. Why?

Because everything having to do with my column is on it
and of course, mentally thinking you should back everything
up on a disk or on another computer, doesn't automatically
make it happen, and when something like this happens, you
not only kick yourself, but you do what every boy in the house
does when they pass gas...blame the dogs!!!

If it wasn't for my sister, you wouldn't be reading this. She called
while I was in the middle of a "hissy fit", that could only be described
as Defcom 4 for the military savvy. For the ones that don't know what
that is, let's just say that a nuclear explosion would have been safer
to be around than me...

The laptop is far from being "OK", but I was able to get it running long
enough to go in and grab my "stuff" and put it on a disk before the
Gremlins came back from lunch...

I've had it right about now and have decided to not look at a computer
for the rest of the night. (After I get this mailed out of course)...

Ahhhh, technology is wonderful, until it fails and then we're painfully
reminded how dependent on it we are...





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Having strong, nice looking nails may not be as hard as you
think it is. Sometimes it's a matter of changing habits, or 
adding habits to your routine...

Sun, chlorine and chemicals have a negative effect on hair, skin
and of course nails...Applying a sunscreen on your hands and nails
is as important as on your face and skin. Use a hand cream as often
as you can during the day...

Never file the corners of your nails. This will weaken the nail
and you'll notice more breakage...

Massaging the hands and nails stimulate nail growth by increasing
circulation. Take the few minutes a day to pamper yourself and
your hands by applying hand cream, vitamin e oil, or aloe vera
and massage the hand, concentrating on each finger and fingernail...

What you eat makes a difference. Foods that are rich in potassium,
vitamin B, calcium, and iron are good for your body and nails...
Eating 6 almonds a day will improve the helath and strength of your
nails within a month...

If your nails are weak, brittle, and basically "lousy", notice
how much water you drink a day. Most people who don't drink enough
water daily have weaker nails...

Perfumed lotions are great for the body, but shouldn't be used on
the nails. The alcohol content in them can dry out nails that are
already brittle and make them worse...


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