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Publication: Great Sexpectations
Reader Comments Blow Party

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                   Friday, May 16, 2008
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A very warm welcome from Carmen Sutra:  

I have an awesome round of reader comments for you this week,
my lucky Great SEXers! In addition to some crazy sex stories
(you'll never think of a dressing room the same again), some
of my female readers chimed in with their experiences with
masturbation. One of the main reasons I write this column,
however, is the key to our first letter today. A female
reader does something during oral sex that she is not sure
if other people do, but she's too shy to talk about it with
her girlfriends. And THAT is what we are here for - to pro-
vide a safe, anonymous forum for anyone to ask questions.

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Today's Topic: Reader Comments


I have a question...and wonder if this happens to many other 
women...When I am given oral by my boyfriend and orgasm, I 
laugh. I don't scream, moan, or anything, just start laughing.  
I am wondering if this is a common thing with other women, I 
have never spoke to anyone about it (except him).
[Yes, this happens to other people, so don't worry about it.
Just enjoy!]

Dear Carmen,

My boyfriend and I live far apart so don't get together as 
often as we'd like. Sometimes we'll pick a time and mastur-
bate at the same time. Or when he's at work and I'm not we'll 
text each other. He'll tell me what to do to myself and I'll 
text him back and describe how it feels, until I can't stand 
it anymore and text him, asking him if I can come. I'm getting 
turned on just thinking about it!!

Hi Carmen:

I have always been ridiculously comfortable masturbating, but 
I really seem to be a minority in that regard. I find it to 
be a wonderful stress reliever and it is something that can 
be done almost anywhere. Seriously. When I get stressed out 
at work during the day, I find that taking a few moments to 
head into the ladies' room to relieve my stress really helps.  
I am 34 years old and have been masturbating since I was a 
teenager, so I know exactly what it takes to get off. But I 
have really enjoyed experimenting and like masturbating at 
home with a vibrator as well. My husband loves that I am so 
comfortable with my body and I know that contributes to our 
great sex life. Love the column. Keep up the great work!


It took me a long time to feel comfortable pleasuring myself. 
Even now, I have times I feel funny by myself. I have started 
watching soft porn movies and when the guy is going down on 
the girl, I envision that I am that girl. Boy, does that get 
the juices flowing!!! And it sure doesn't take long to get 
off. Thanks for all the help from your ezine. I love it!

Hey Carmen,

Long time since I've written. I still read every column and 
still love them. I've just been (wonderfully) busy with a new 
job. Anyway, regarding the reader who asked if "...too much 
anal sex has any long term effects ...including 'control' 
problems". According to Tristan Toarmino, author of "The 
Ultimate Guide To Anal Sex For Women" (I highly recommend 
the book AND the movie) and "Pucker Up", anal sex is actually 
good for rectal muscles as the key to good anal sex is being 
able to relax and control those muscles. So, no fear. Control
of the rectal muscles is just as good for anal sex and 'con-
trol', as kegel excercises are good for regular sex and 'con-
trol'. So, to the reader and everyone else, keep enjoying, 
keep the faith, and spread the word.


My favorite place has to be in the dressing room at a high-
end store. My bf and I used to go to Nordstrom for his suits.  
He always needed my “help” in the dressing room. Also, on 
nights that I work late, he comes to my office and we have 
amazing sex on my desk. It always puts a smile on my face 
when I come into work the next day!!


First things first...love, love , love  your stuff!!! How's 
this for a naughty place ... my boyfriend had the use of the 
bosses Chrysler 300. I gave him road head the whole way home 
from dinner & when we finally got back to my place we finished 
our business right in my driveway !!! Thanks Carmen your 
column is the best !!! Having fun in PA 


While not that unusual a place, I did have an unusual experi-
ence on my first vacation after my ex and I separated. My 
travel agent sent me to Club Med Martinique in 1978 because 
she felt I "needed it." I met a girl on the shuttle bus who 
I'll just call W and we hit it off. She and I ended up spend-
ing our entire time on the clothing optional beach at the club. 
Club Med has one or two picnics each week in which they take 
you off site. Since the group we were with was from the nude 
beach at the club we went off to the south end of the beach 
away from the main group. After walking further down the beach, 
the group started back towards the main picnic when W asked 
if I wanted to go up into the wooded area above the beach. We 
climbed up the bank and looked over into the forest without 
seeing anyone. We found a fairly grassy area and I proceeded 
to go down on her. 

As she was starting to enjoy herself I felt something on my 
left ankle. At first I thought it was her lower leg wrapping 
around my leg but realized that due to our positions, her leg 
would have to have been much longer than they were. I looked 
over my shoulder and a native holding a machete in one hand 
had his hand around my ankle with his other hand. He asked 
"C'est bon?" (Is it good?). I replied Oui, C'est bon. Au 
revoir. (Yes, good bye) but he just grinned. W opened her 
eyes and seeing that he wasn't leaving just said that the 
mood was shot and we left. A coule of days later another 
picnic was held and she again asked if I wanted to try the 
woods but seeing a couple of native gentlemen perhaps waiting 
under some trees, we skipped it.

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          [Re: debate over the term "blow job"]


My boyfriend calls it a "Blow Party". He feels the word "job" 
makes it sound like work. And who needs more "work" to do.  
Now a "Party"? Sign me up!


We will end this week's issue on that hilarious and upflifting
note :) We will be discussing masturbation and oral sex more
in the coming weeks (ha! pun intended, of course!), but before
you are off to enjoy the weekend, you must send your most 
embarrassing masturbation story. I'm receiving some pretty
entertaining stories. Did you have an experience that should
top the list? Have a yummy weekend, all! As always, I remain...

Devotedly yours,   

Carmen Sutra   

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Chicken and Pears. I don?t know about you, but to me it looks 
like the recipe needs 'More Cowbell'. Enjoy!  


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