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Publication: Looking Good
Facial Steaming

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                  LOOKING GOOD - May 15, 2008   
              "Tips To Help You Look & Feel Your Best"   

Good Morning,   

David Cook for the win!!! I know I haven't said much about 
this season's American Idol. I've been a little, (a lot)
preoccupied as you know...

Don't get me wrong, I love David Archuleta, and he defintely 
has a pure voice, however, he's one dimensional and marketing
him will be a problem as far as album sales. Even that aside,
I believe the biggest problem for the poor kid is his dad and
not many in the music business will want to deal with the
stage dad from Hell. The poor kid has looked like a nervous
wreck since the first show and has never calmed down. Since his
father got banned from rehearsals last week, I think it's too
late to help him and he still has to go home. You gotta feel
for the kid, he looks consumed by fear, and if it has nothing
to do with his dad, then he certainly isn't ready for a career
in the music industry and all that goes with it...

Understand, I'm not accusing Pop Archuleta of anything other
than being an overbearing, controlling, piece of...work...

As for the Cookster...I love his voice whether he's singing a
ballad, or rocking it out. He's exciting to listen to and
appears to be a genuinely nice guy. From the very first time 
I saw and heard him, I picked him as the winner and cheered
him on each week and even if he should lose for whatever
reason, (like Pop Archuleta kidnapping him), he will do just
fine and I predict, sell a lot of records...

Yeah, yeah, I know..."records" dates me. At least I didn't say,
"8-track tapes"...





GLASS MAGIC with Microfiber
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GLASS MAGIC with Microfiber


Almost everyone can benefit from facial steaming. Steaming
will open the pores, help open and clear sinuses and actually
soothe anxiety... 

Always cleanse your face before steaming. The heat of the steam
may irritate sensitive skin, so only go as close to the steam
with your face as feels comfortable...

If you have a facial steamer, all the better. If not, use a large
pot or heat-safe bowl for water that you have heated to a boil.
Slowly lower your face toward the water. Just go as close to the
water until you feel damp vapors against your skin. You can drape
a towel over your head in a tent-like fashion to capture more of
the steam. Stay as long as you feel comfortable...



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near each other and they instantly click shut and safely lock,
creating a super-magnetic bond, which is doubly, secured by
a twist lock.

4 Magnetic Clasps w/ built-in safety locks. (2 Gold & 2 Silver)

PLUS a Bonus:
- 2 extenders (1 silver tone, 1 gold tone) that let you
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Mint not only can increase energy, it can soothe problem skin.
Here's a facial steam that features mint...

3 cups boiling water
1 small handful fresh mint leaves or 1 tablespoon dried mint

Add the ingredients to a bowl of boiling water and leave it
in the bowl for a few minutes before steaming your face. Steam 
your face, inhaling deeply as you go along...

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