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Publication: Great Sexpectations
Oral Part II

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                 Monday, April 28, 2008
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<%BLOG|Oral Part II%>

A very warm welcome from Carmen Sutra:  

Bits of toilet paper, Altoids sensations, and teeth scrapage.
What do these seemingly random thing have in common? They are
part of your oral sex advice! Like I said last week, I re-
ceived TONS of feedback regarding our oral sex issue. I in-
cluded some of your comments on Friday, but there were so 
many that I wanted to print a follow-up as an addendum. Start
taking notes. Now.


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Today's Topic: Oral Part II

Dear Carmen,

I love to give head and have worked at improving my "tech-
nique" over the last 20+ years. As an aside, it is really 
amazing what you can learn from the books at your local pub-
lic library! But back to the topic at hand. You made a good 
start... but there is soooo much more that got left out. Per-
haps you intended for others to chime in.

One of the first things I worked on, and I admit not everyone 
can do this, was to overcome my gag reflex. Yes, it can be 
done, it is certainly NOT easy. For me it was a matter of mak-
ing my mind up that the sensation was a signal to go deeper. 
It is much easier for me if I'm being stimulated at the same 
time, watch-out deep throat coming in!!! LOL

The next point I really want to address is using your tongue! 
As you take the penis in and out of the mouth rub you tongue 
in the opposite direction, or take as much of the penis into 
your mouth as you can, and hold that position and work your 
tongue against the shaft. I guarantee your beloved's eyes 
will roll into their head.

Another point that shouldn't be missed and I believe I heard 
it here first, was the use of Altoids Mints. But be careful 
with this one. I've had one guy go running for the bathroom 
because it was too tingly on his sensitive member! However 
that aside, the sensation is warming when the mouth is on the 
shaft, but as you withdraw the air is very cooling. Especially 
if you time it to exhale through you nose at the same time! 
This can actually used on us ladies too! The drastic change 
in temperature feels amazing.

The last point that I want to make is use those hands. If you 
really have a hard time taking the whole penis into your mouth, 
don't be afraid to get those hands into the action! Get some 
lube and message the part of the shaft that you simply can't 
get into your mouth, and be afraid to hold it firmly! You can 
hold you hand at your mouth like an extension, or you can rub 
you hand up and down against the direction of you're mouth. 

I know a lot of guys are very uncomfortable with having their 
anus violated, but if they are willing, lube a finger and 
gently insert just enough finger to make a small bend so that 
the tip rubs against the front wall, and gently stroke as you 
suck and/or lick. This is where the prostate is located and 
can really make your guy cum hard and fast! An alternative to 
this that works but not as intensely is to rub what most folks 
call the "taint," again the idea is to message the prostate. 
I find using a thumb in this spot works better, think accu-
pressure. The thumb tends to be firmer and its easier to apply 
the pressure needed, but you still need to use a stroking 

Carmen Carmen Carmen....

You forgot the most important thing...ENTHUSIASM! Oral sex 
is not just sucking and licking....it should be a SPIRITUAL 
experience that brings unbridled pleasure to both active and 
passive. Fortunately my ladyfriend and I are in perfect sync 
on this. God Love her!

Hi Carmen,

I love your letters. They are the best to read and LEARN from.  
Although my wife has never given me a complete blow job, I 
have never cum from it, I truly enjoy the action anyway.  
The teeth part of your descriptions are a must. When teeth 
scrape along the skin of a penis it tends to set everything 
back to 0 or even-100 and can really ruin the enjoyment.  

My wife loves it when I am sucking on her nipples and then 
ravage her pussy with my fingers. All the caressing and 
touching and back and forth motion on her clit and then also 
in penetration with my fingers. I guess maybe I need to ask 
a question, is breast and nipple sucking and chewing part of 
oral sex or just part of the whole LOVING EXPERIENCE? And, 
yes, ladies cleanliness does go a long way in the enjoyment 
for your partner. Pieces of TP can really ruin the taste of 
a juicy pussy!! Clean and juicy has such a wonderful taste.  
Hope this is not too long.

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Thank you, of course, for sharing the awesome feedback and
advice! We will be discussing a prior reader comment issue 
on Wednesday - what do you do when you know your friend's
partner is cheating? That's not all! May is officially here
at the end of the week, and you know what that means! You
must send me your most embarrassing masturbation stories!
May is Masturbation Month, so we will surely be discussing
this delicious activity, but I need your embarrassing stories
for our annual list!! As always, I remain...

Devotedly yours,   

Carmen Sutra   

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Regis and Kelly, gets downright rude to Kelly. Methinks Kelly 
wants to rip Priscialla's frozen face right off. Was Priscilla 
wrong? Add your comments.  


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