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Publication: Great Sexpectations
Oral Sex 101

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                 Wednesday, April 23, 2008
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<%BLOG|Oral Sex 101%>

A very warm welcome from Carmen Sutra:  

If I had a dime for every time a reader asked me the best way
to perform oral sex...You get the idea. I often indicate that
oral sex and anal sex are two of the most frequently requested
topics, and today's issue is no exception. Oral sex is so
highly desired by many people that it's important for us to
revisit the topic from time to time. After receiving a letter
from a female reader pleading for tips, I figured it's about
that time again. Let's discuss Oral Sex 101.

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Today's Topic: Oral Sex 101


I know there's no real right or wrong way to give oral sex 
because everyone has a different idea of what "right" is...
and although I'm getting a reaction from him and oo's and ah's 
to accompany that reaction, I don't feel that I'm being the 
best that I can be because it takes him so long to ejaculate.  
I've asked him if there is anything I can do to make it more 
enjoyable and he says I'm doing it perfectly...still...I think 
I could do better. 

Although sometimes I enjoy giving him head for a long period 
of time, sometimes I wanna just be able to make him climax 
quickly. I want that "WOW, that's never happened to me before" 
reaction! Do you have any articles, past articles of tips for 
giving good, detailed oral sex to a man? Signed, Wanna Be Better!


Carmen's tips for fellatio:   

Just ask and you shall receive! When you take the penis in 
your mouth, make sure to cover your teeth with your lips. Take 
in the whole head of the penis and proceed to move your mouth 
up and down, letting his reactions guide you. Some women 
absolutely do not like the man to guide her by putting his 
hands on her head, but that's up to you. If you are comfort-
able with it, it can be useful way to determine how much or 
if your lover is enjoying the action. Keep going at a steady 
rhythm and pressure at the beginning. Vary it up by lubricat-
ing the penis with your saliva, licking up and down the penis, 
and sucking. Don't try to suck the entire penis - only go half-
way and gradually increase it if you are comfortable.   

Side note: some readers have never performed oral sex and   
asked what the "blowing" part actually means in the "blow"   
job...There's no real blowing going on, but no one ever   
really talks about that. As a young person, you're often   
left on your own to figure these things out. No blowing,   
more of a sucking action.   

Carmen's tips for cunnilingus:   

Foreplay is key here, my readers. Begin with some serious   
mouth kissing, lightly kissing the tummy area, INNER THIGHS!,   
top of her mound, etc. Move your tongue over the genital   
area, delicately licking her clitoris. LEARN YOUR PARTNER'S   
PREFERENCES. Some women like to have their clits licked,   
lightly kissed, and/or sucked. YOUR lover could prefer any   
variety of those movements, so experiment and allow her to   
voice her opinion. Also, don't forget the actual vagina -   
it's not ALL about the clitoris. While manually stimulating   
her clitoris, try thrusting your tongue (or fingers!!!) in   
and out of her vagina a la penetration.   

And don't forget the ABCs. I believe it was comedian Sam   
Kinison who made the alphabet method famous. Guys, when you   
are performing on your lady, try tracing the letters of the   
alphabet in her vaginal and clitoral area. And take your   
time. Side note: don't forget the labia! When a women becomes   
aroused, her labia engorges and becomes very sensitive. This   
is highly overlooked but a guaranteed hot-button area. Try   
it! You'll like it!   

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This might be stating the obvious, but as a side note, be
considerate of your partner and practice good hygeine, 
especially in the pubic area! Consider a shower together as
foreplay :) Wink, wink. So what are your classic oral sex
moves? Do share, because thousands of readers definitely 
want to hear what you have to say. As always, I remain...

Devotedly yours,   

Carmen Sutra   

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