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Publication: Great Sexpectations
Reader Comments Do Men Shave

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                 Friday, April 11, 2008
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A very warm welcome from Carmen Sutra:  

TONS of you wrote in to share your waxing and shaving experi-
ences! Several male readers asked if it's common for men to
do it, so I purposely included a couple letters addressing
this. Plus, many women shared additional tips to my little
escapade. That's not all! Readers to the rescue: one male
reader is taking antidepressants and can achieve an erection,
but cannot CLIMAX. Has anyone had experience with this? 
Another reader wants to know how to handle her boyfriend not
liking to kiss. Let's help our peeps!

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Today's Topic: Reader Comments

Hi Carmen,

Question for your readers. I've started taking some anti-
depressants. The doctor said they could have a sexual side 
effect. I thought he meant that it would be difficult to get 
an erection and I thought Cialis would help. Well turns out 
that I CAN get an erection but I can never ever climax. I 
called the doctor and he said, "yes, that's the problem most 
men have with these type of drugs. One problem is fixed but 
this is the big side effect." It evidently has to do with the 
seratonin levels in the brain and how this affects climax 
and ejaculation.

How have other guys handled this? Or is this something I just 
have to put up with until I get off the meds? It would be 
nice to be able to go on and on like you see in the movies 
but EVENTUALLY ejaculate! This just never happens. Thanks!
[Men, PLEASE send me your experiences so we can help this

Dear Carmen,

My new boyfriend does not like kissing of any kind. He has a 
full beard which can make things hairy. (Oh, sorry about that.) 
I need kissing to get turned on. How can I get him to try 
kissing -- he might like it. We are not children, we are in 
our late 50's. So far we have not had sex, but I would like 
to. But I need to be turned on first. Any suggestions would 
be appreciated.
[My first reaction is that kissing is a normal request in a 
relationship, so he should be more willing to compromise. I'm
not saying he should make out every single time, but he needs
to compromise here. Plus, you deserve to have your needs met,
especially, again, when it's a typical act in a relationship.
Readers, what do you think?]

Hi Carmen,

I love the smooth feeling too, but unfortunately the pain does 
inhibit me. So what I do is wax the front, about down to the 
labia, then shave the rest. Looks nice, feels sexy, and saves 
pain and money!

Hello Carmen, 

This is my first time writing. I am a feminist also but I 
believe you can be a feminist and feminine at the same time. 
I am 23 years old and I have been doing the "Brazilian" since 
I was 18. The first time might hurt but the more times you do 
it the easier and less painful it becomes. My boyfriend does 
not have a preference but I do it for myself, I just find it 
so much cleaner and fresher (and also don't tell him when I'm 
getting it done, so it can be a surprise!!) Come on everyone 
just give it a try you can't say you don't like it until you 
try it!! 

Hi Carmen,

While I've never gone for a Brazilian, I have shaved it all 
off and kept it shaved for a long enough period of time to get 
used to it being gone. I don't shave it all off now but keep 
it trimmed very close because I like the way it feels. The 
first time I did it with encouragement from my boyfriend but 
the sensuous feeling of my skin against my panties prompted 
me to keep it shaved. Now it just feels "cleaner" with the 
hair very short or nonexistent. Sometimes I let it grow out 
and then shave it as a surprise for my boyfriend. The bonus 
to doing that is I get to experience that sensual slide of 
skin against silky panties all over again!

Bonjour Carmen, 

I have to say that I'm happy to finally be having this dis-
cussion about Brazilians. I love getting a Brazilian because 
I feel sexy and so smooth afterwards. I just wanted to add a 
few little details about getting Brazilians. I find that tak-
ing 2 Advils about 30 minutes before the appointment helps to 
reduce the pain, and also scheduling your appointments 2 weeks 
prior or after your periodes since at that time of the month 
you are less sensitive because your hormones are more "steady".  
Honestly though, Carmen you're right, Brazilians aren't all 
that painful.  :)


I've been getting Brazilians for about 7 years now. I am here 
to confirm EVERYTHING you said in your description. I'd like 
to add a few tips. Of course find someone you are comfortable 
with, afterall the lady who does my wax can identify "my parts" 
in a line-up. I started a bit slow. The first time I had 
only the bikini line waxed. Gradually, over the next 3 visits, 
she would wax a little more each time. After waxing for several 
months, you start to notice the hair grows back thinner and 
more sparsely. Do NOT wax when you are PMS or during your 
period! The area is MUCH MORE SENSITIVE, and it will hurt 
more. I like to have my eyebrows done afterward. The eye-
brows are relaxing in comparison. Most of the pain is per-
ception. I'll be honest, it doesn't tickle, but it isn't as 
bad as one would think. I love your column. Keep up the 
great work.


your experiance makes me curious. I wonder how it compares 
to leg waxing, that hurt! 
[You know for some reason, THAT actually scares me! Has anyone 
tried leg waxing?]


Please let the guys know that they can shave also.  With the 
hair gone around the genitals, I believe that there is an in-
crease in sensation. Also, there's no hair to get in the way 
when she decides to perform oral on me. Keep up the good work!  
Love ya!


First of all,I love your column. My shaving experience goes 
back a few years ago when I was married. (I'm now divorced). 
Anyway, I had asked my wife to try it for me because I love 
the feeling of smooth skin. She said no for the same reason 
that usually comes up. She didn't want to feel or look like 
a little girl. I kept bugging her to do it so to get me off 
her back she said she would if I would thinking I would back 
down. WRONG! 

I said sure, why not. Fair is fair. We went into the bathroom 
and shaved each other. It was one of the most erotic experi-
ences I have had. The sex afterwards was incredible! Smooth 
on smooth just can't be beat. Even though she's gone, I still 
shave. It makes it easier to convince other women in my life 
to do the same which most already do. So guys, if you want your 
lady to be like kojak, step up and do it with her. It's only 
fair, right? Signed, Clean in Colorado


Maybe I just have an odd sense of humor, but I love the way 
you transitioned into the commercial (AD) from: 

I was not looking forward to having my ass stick-   
ing in the air. Luckily, I was able to maneuver my legs just   
so for her to do the job.   

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Just wanted to share ... love your newsletters
[I didn't even notice that...So funny!]

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[One reader on her "must-haves" from Monday:]

Hi Carmen . . . long-time subscriber and love your newsletter.
Kissing, kissing, kissing ...mouth kissing especially before 
and during ... otherwise no big O for me ...also looking my 
partner in the eye while engaged in the act and once he hits 
the right spot, continuing with the same intensity and rhythm 
...don't go changing it up!  


I often reiterate that women really need kissing to get 
properly turned on, but I realize my words don't always have
the same impact as a reader's email. So BAM! There you go,
from one our dear readers: kissing is where it's at. Thanks
to everyone for all their feedback this week! PLEASE, men,
if you have experience with antidepressants, send in your
comments. In the meantime, have a yummy weekend! Wink, wink.
As always, I remain...

Devotedly yours,   

Carmen Sutra   

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