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Publication: Great Sexpectations
Ode to the Brazilian

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                 Wednesday, April 9, 2008
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<%BLOG|Ode to the Brazilian%>

A very warm welcome from Carmen Sutra:  

Oh, what I won't do my Great SEXers. I've strutted to Carmen
Electra's aerobic streaptease and tried sexual positions that
involve chairs and ottomans, all in the name of research, of
course. But today's issue takes the cake. There is officially
nothing I won't do for my dear readers. That's right, I put
on my big girl pants (or, rather, I took them off) and 
braved the pain of hot wav on my most private parts. I got
my first-ever Brazilian.

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Today's Topic: Ode to the Brazilian

In the last couple of weeks I have featured reader comments
regarding shaving the genital area. I then started receiving
letters asking about bikini waxing, anal waxing, and the
whole shebang, the Brazilian. I had never had one before 
and figured there was no other way to provide an accurate
depiction unless I dove into the trenches myself. But first,
my reservations.

First and foremost, I am a feminist. I wondered to myself,
how can I have my labia and anus waxed without looking like
a prepubescent girl? Indeed, I wanted to surprise my honey,
but it weirded me out for a very long time that I might be
regressing. Secondly, hello, the pain! Again, I have never
experienced this before, but they were going to be ripping
the hair off my labia! That's not exactly that far from my
clitoris. And can I tell you how much I value my clit? Enough
said. Not to mention HEARING the paper rip from my most
delicate areas, for instance, my bumhole.

And then I got over it. I really decided to do this on a whim
and figured why not. I realized that I can be a feminist and
try new sexy things at the same time. Just because I chose to
wax my hoo-ha doesn't mean I'm setting my ladies back 40
years. While I wanted to surprise my partner, I also just 
wanted to try something new and exciting for myself. Once I
reconciled my reasons for doing it, the excitement really took
over. And then I was in the room. 

You know, the massage table with little fountains with runn-
ing water in the background and soothing music. It's all so
cliche, isn't it? Many of you asked about the process, so
I want to elaborate. The technician explained the process 
as she was going. At different times she would instruct me
to pull skin taut so that she could pull all the hair, and 
this really helped decrease the sensation. As expected, she 
slathered warm wax over each area and then placed the paper
strip over it. She then stripped each piece, pulling the 
hair out of it's root. 

But I am here to tell you that it WAS NOT THAT BAD. I did not 
yell or curse at all! Again, pulling the skin taut really 
helped decrease the sensations, but also, we were talking the 
whole time which added as a distraction. I kid you not, we 
laughed about "Celebrity Rehab" as she ripped the hair off my 
vajajay. Grimace all you want, but it was just the distraction 
I needed. She did go back over certain spots with tweezers,
but again, pulling the skin taut helped significantly. 

A Brazilian wax incorporates everything from the bikini line 
to the labia and the anus. I was extremely apprehensive about 
the latter, but she did NOT have me get on all fours to do 
the anal waxing. Some technicians prefer you to get on all 
fours, but I was not looking forward to having my ass stick-
ing in the air. Luckily, I was able to maneuver my legs just 
so for her to do the job. 


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Interestingly enough, I was not embarrassed during the entire
process until she handed me a mirror to take a look at the
results :) Final thoughts: I would definitely do this again.
I have not had problems with regrowth at all. I loofah the
area every day with bath gel and have not experienced any
itching or pain. My boyfriend loved the results, as expected,
but he does not really have a preference. In fact, if I do
it again, it will be because *I* liked it so much. I love
that it was so smooth and silky. And it was kind of fun walk-
ing around knowing I had a little surprise under my skirt :) 
Oh, what I won't do for my readers. What are YOUR experiences? 
Send me your feedback, and I will include them on Friday. As 
always, I remain...

Devotedly yours,   

Carmen Sutra   

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