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Reader Comments

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                   Friday, March 7, 2008
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<%BLOG|Reader Comments%>

A very warm welcome from Carmen Sutra:  

I love my readers! Got a question? A reader is bound to have
the answer. Last week readers asked about sexual positions
for pregnant couples, the "male g-spot", S&M, and more. I
am thrilled to report that we have answers to each of these.

Plus, SO MANY of you responded to our "Let's Save Some Lives"
article regarding domestic violence. Thank you all for 
sharing your stories and insight with us. I wish you and your
families the very best. 

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Today's Topic: Reader Comments


For those that do anal sex, or put fingers into rectum, DO 
NOT then put penis or fingers into the vagina. Any small 
amount of fecal matter may infect the woman. Thanks for all 
the letters

Hi Carmen,

This is in response to the reader who is pregnant. I have a 
9 month old son, so I have some experience in this area. My 
partner and I used to try many different positions, the best 
turning out to be any position that took weight off my ever-
growing belly. One might assume that the mom lie on her back 
during intercourse, but this really can't be done because 1. 
it gets really uncomfortable the farther along she gets, and 
2. after about 4 months of pregnancy the uterus begins to put 
a dangerous amount of pressure on an important artery if the 
mother lies on her back. I would advise any pregnant mother 
to steer clear of the traditional missionary position.  

"Woman on top" was my favorite during pregnancy. My partner 
loved my large belly and larger breasts, he thought my body 
was very sexy. Another position that was great for me was 
side-lying. I would lay on my side, as would my partner, 
and he would penetrate from behind. Or, I would lay on my 
side towards the side/end of the bed, and my partner would 
stand next to the bed and enter me. Overall, I really enjoyed 
pregnant sex and experimenting with many different positions.  
Good luck!

Hey Carmen, 

The lady who's afraid to search inside for her boyfriends g-
spot should know that the right amount of massage and pressure 
on the area between the anus and the sack will bring about 
the same sensations. I have had great orgasms with and with-
out having my partner go inside. She could always do what the 
doctor does during my physical too and put on a latex glove 
(and lube!) for interior probing. Love your newsletter, keep 
it up. No pun intended. 


I'm not completely positive that this is the same as the Male 
G-Spot - but I'm able to give my boyfriend an extra crazy 
orgasm by stimulating what we call "his G-Spot" by massaging 
the area between his butthole and his balls, it's his perenium 
muscle? (sorry about the spelling).... pressing there when 
he's about to cum in my mouth is a pretty amazing feeling he 
tells me....is this different from the other suggestion of 
the male G-Spot?  I'm a little confused. No fingers in the 
butt, thank you, this works well without that ~!

Hi Carmen,

I'm writing in response to the person who wrote in to you 
about Domination. I'm 44 and was a slave to a Mistress. My 
Mistress gave me a book and said read this before you become 
my slave. I did and was very enlightened by this book it 
really opened my mind about the world of B&D, S&M. It led to 
many great times with my Mistress. The book was Sensuous 
Magic by Pat Califia, but it maybe out of print my copy is 
from 1996. I would suggest they do some research read and 
learn before diving right in to it. A former Rage Slave.  

Hi Carmen,

I just recently started receiving your newsletter, and am 
loving it so far. You received a note recently from a girl 
who's guy has expressed an interest in having her become his 
"Mistress". I have been with my husband for almost two years 
(just got married in July of '07). We met through one of 
those online dating sites, and when we started chatting, he 
asked if he could call me Mistress. I told him I didn't mind, 
and as we got to know one another better, it has become easier 
for me to be the dominant lover he wants me to be. I used to 
be very submissive before I met Jay, and would do whatever my 
guy of the moment wanted to do, not realizing I could lay 
down the law about what would be done, in what order, and for 
how long, until I said things were done. Having that power is 
rather addicting.

The woman requesting some information should definitely make 
sure to sit down with her man, and see exactly what he wants 
in his Mistress, as there are different types. I would suggest 
the book "The Mistress Manual" by Mistress Lorelei. I have 
found it very useful in planning scenarios. And having a 
paddle, crop or whip is a definite must for keeping her sub-
missive in line! I prefer my paddle, with the heart-shape 
cut-outs. They leave such nice marks on my Slave's backside!
Keep up the great work with the newsletter, and I hope my 
advice helps J with her decision.

               [Re: Abusive Relationships]


You're the greatest, I wish that I would have had someone 
like you to go to when I was in that situation. As for the 
young lady, I understand exactly what she is going through.  
I lived in a marriage like that for many years. There was 
emotional and physical abuse. I had always heard the first 
time is the hardest and unless they are willing to get coun-
seling that it won't stop and all those things proved true.  

After he pushed me the first time it made hitting me easy for 
him because that's what happened. Him and I had children so 
I used the I'm staying for the kids but it only hurt my kids, 
I realized that when my oldest son at 11 yrs old told me that 
he wanted to run away to get away from his dad but he was 
afraid that if he did that his dad would hurt me or the baby.  
That's when I realized it was time to get out. He never 
physically abused the kids but the emotional abuse was there 
for all of us. When we left we had little or no self esteem 
and it took awhile for it to come back but we all know that 
we deserve to be happy and loved and won't settle for less.  

I truly hope this young lady puts her safety and her children's 
safety first and listens to her gut feeling (don't go back).  
If he won't get counseling he won't stop the abuse. I wish her 
luck........Been there done that in Texas 


Thank you so much for the e-mail. As a child from an abusive 
home, I really hope that the reader leaves her boyfriend be-
cause reading that letter was like reliving what my mom went 
through. I really encourage her to go to any public library 
and sit down for a couple of hours and do some research about 
women in and survivors of abusive relationships. Thanks again!


My daughter was in a bad marriage. She had 2 daughters. On 
Nov 17, 2007 my son-in-law filled the bedroom with natural 
gas and lit a lighter killing both of them. Her daughters, 
our granddaughters, were at our house are now living with us. 
If you can get out now before it is to late. It may not end 
up this bad but a bad marriage is no place to live in.
[I am so sorry for your daughter and your entire family. My 
heart truly goes out to all of you. Thank you for sharing this 
with us. I hope others take this to heart.]



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I have been reading your column for several years now and have 
never been motivated to respond, until now. I believe you gave 
this girl the correct advice and information regarding domestic 
violence. As a law enforcement officer I would also like to 
add that she needs to report this abuse to a law enforcement 
agency. This should be done to put the incident on record with 
the agency, even if they take no action immediately due to the 
reporting lag time. Information such as this is critical in 
the event something happens in the future to either the victim 
or her children. 

Please understand that law enforcement agencies need this 
type of information on file to have a starting place for any 
investigations that may be necessary in the future. Of course 
we hope that there is no reason for LE to get involved in the 
future. Domestic violence is a terrible cycle and she would 
be saving herself as well as her children and their future 
if she never saw this individual again. Thanks for all you 
do to keep our lives exciting.




Once again, thank you all so much for sharing so generously
this week. As a reminder, the National Domestic Violence
hotline number is 1-800-799-SAFE and the website is 
http://www.ndvh.org   Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!
As always, I remain...

Devotedly yours,   

Carmen Sutra   

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