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Publication: Great Sexpectations
Welcome to March

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                 Wednesday, March 5, 2008
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<%BLOG|Welcome to March%>

A very warm welcome from Carmen Sutra:  

Time to mix things up! At the beginning of a month, I always
highlight sexual positions. Don't worry, I didn't change any-
thing about that. Can I get a collective sigh of relief? In
ADDITION to our regular highlights, I've also included THREE
positions for anal sex! The latter remains one of the most-
requested topics here at GS, so I am sure of you will delight 
in these additions. Have fun...

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Today's Topic: Welcome to March!


here's one for you:

1. For those that can't handle deep penetration don't try 
this at home! Get your man to position himself on his knees. 
For the female put one leg between his and lay sideways. 
Position the other leg so that your knee bends around his back 
as for leverage to move along with him. Great for those with 
waterbeds! Also if there's something to hold on to do it!


I couldn't help but share this position with you...

Woman is on her back, man lays on his side perpendicular to 
her. Woman puts her right leg in between his legs and her 
left leg on his left hip. He then enters her. Deep pene-
tration results!! He can then have hands free for breasts, 
clitoris, etc. This is our favorite!!!

                  [Three for anal:]

1. Spooning - Keep in mind these are just some of the most
common positions. The "spooning" position has several 
benefits for anal sex. The receiving partner lies on the 
bed on her side, with her (or his) partner behind. His chest 
should be up against her back, and his penis should be right 
against her buttocks; hence, the "spooning" title. It almost 
looks like he is cradling or spooning his partner. 

Remember I always mention the distraction factor? In this 
position, he can easily whisper sweet nothings in her ear as 
penetration increases. Also, he can massage her sides, legs, 
or even reach around and touch her breasts. These are stimu-
lation AND distraction methods. This position allows the 
couple to take it nice and slow and is probably the best 
position for lovers who are new to anal sex. The angle 
shouldn't hurt as much, but don't forget artificial 

2. Doggie Style - Be careful with this position as it has
easier and more direct access to the anus. There is greater
potential to thrust even deeper, and the receiving partner
might become anxious or nervous. Thus, go slower and make
sure to extend the foreplay session. Just like with vaginal
penetration, this position provides quite a visual delight
for the performing partner. The erotic display of your
buttocks and tightness of the anal penetration could turn
him on even more, so again, take it slow and communicate.
Make sure you are both enjoying it. 

3. Missionary - This is similar to the missionary position
for vaginal intercourse, except, of course, the man penetrates
the anus. This position has great potential for intimacy,
as the partners face one another. They are able to kiss, touch
one another's chest, and view their facial expressions. There's
something to be said for actually seeing your beloved's face
at the height of ecstasy. Again, go slowly with this one
and make sure you are both enjoying it. 

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Like I said, anal remains one of the most popular topics. 
What are YOUR questions regarding this often taboo subject?
What things do you STILL want to know? What advice can you
give to beginners? Send your insight and I will include 
some of your missives on Friday. In the meantime, you have
to try one the above!! As always, I remain...

Devotedly yours,   

Carmen Sutra   

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in this hilarious music video.   


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