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Publication: Great Sexpectations
Doggy Style

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                 Wednesday, March 19, 2008
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<%BLOG|Doggy Style%>

A very warm welcome from Carmen Sutra:  

Deep thoughts: Is it doggie style or doggy style? For today's
article, we will spell it doggy. We've been discussing some
heavy relationship topics lately, so I wanted to get back to
the basics a little bit and talk about pure sexual gratifi-
cation in the very luscious doggy-style position. Holy G-
spot penetration! Have fun...

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Today's Topic: Doggy Style

Greetings Carmen,

My husband and I really enjoy doggy style with me on the edge 
of the bed, and him standing behind me on the floor. This 
also helps with our height differences. I also enjoy flipp-
ing over and laying with my butt at the edge of the bed and 
have him standing in front of me. From here I can put my 
legs up over his shoulders for deeper, tighter penetration, 
or leave my legs on either side of his hips while he leans 
over, resting his arms on the bed, for kisses, etc. This is 
especially good for us because my husband is a big guy, and 
missionary isnt a comfortable position for me. Thanks for all 
of your tips and suggestions!


We are both mid 50s and enjoy doggy style.... probably 2nd 
most favorite after the many variations of missionary. I find 
extended doggy style is tough on my legs/knees so changing 
positions is a must. One knee up/one down. Switch. We both 
enjoy it best when I'm up on both feet--more leverage, pound-
ing, and deeper penetration brings the moans and groans. But, 
I can't hold that position the whole time. Sometimes she's 
got arms extended, sometimes shoulders on the bed. 

Sometimes we collapse on the bed. Every variation of angle 
brings a new sensation. Sometimes the floor is better because 
of less bounce. Experimentation is half the fun. One last 
thought--from experience I've found the relative heights 
(thigh length) makes a difference...with some partners doggy 
just doesn't work as well.


This is my own suggestion (not doggy related) for mid-month
positions: any position that uses squatting! Allow me to 
elaborate...The man should be lying on his back and his part-
ner can straddle him, facing him or reverse cowgirl - your
preference. Now either hold on to his legs or arms and squat
up and down on his penis. Or, try him lying on his back again,
but with his legs off the edge of the bed. The partner can
then stand with his/her back to him and use the quadriceps 
to lower and lift on the penis as well. All these variations
change the sensations and add something for eye candy, too :)

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Do you have any tips to add to this mid-month bonus position
issue? What are your fave doggy-style variations? Do you have
a particularly fond doggy memory? Say in a private bedroom at
a party? Or at your desk? Send your naughty details, and I
will print some on Friday! You never know who you will turn on :)
As always, I remain...

Devotedly yours,   

Carmen Sutra   

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