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Publication: Great Sexpectations
Your Exploration Tips

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                 Monday, February 25, 2008
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<%BLOG|Your Exploration Tips%>

A very warm welcome from Carmen Sutra:  

Every time I mention a position with the G-spot, I inevitably
receive letters asking how to locate it. I have described 
techniques many times over the years, but I realize that 
sometimes the best advice is in YOUR own words. Thus, I 
included several items from YOU readers on just how to find
this pleasure spot. Don't miss the bowling ball! You'll have
to read it for yourself...

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Today's Topic: Your Exploration Tips

Hi, Carmen,   

I wanted to share with you a good way to hit the G-Spot. The   
man lies on his back. The woman climbs on top and puts one   
knee on each side of the man and lifts her butt up giving the   
man room to move. The man then thrusts upward into her. She'll   
know he's hitting the right spot when the orgasms keep coming!   


If a woman's partner wants to find the G-spot, and have some   
fun during the search, try the Bowling Ball. Hold your domi-   
nant hand (right for most people) palm up and curl your thumb   
and middle two fingers like you were holding a bowling ball.   
Keep the index and pinkie fingers straight. Curve the middle   
finger slightly more than the ring finger. Now, thumb goes on   
the clit, middle two fingers go in the vagina, and outer two   
fingers (index and pinkie) massage the labia majora and/or   
perineum. Rock your hand back and forth.   

If you're doing it right, your thumb will be massaging her   
clit on the forward rock and your middle two fingers will be   
stroking in her vagina on the backward rock. As she becomes   
aroused, the curved tip of your middle finger should be on or   
near her G-spot and you can feel the difference in texture   
from the surrounding vaginal wall. Vary the speed and press-   
ure of the rocking motion until her eyes roll back, her toes   
curl and she loses the ability to form a coherent sentence. ;)   


From my experience, the G-spot feels like thick-ridged vagi-   
nal tissue. To find its location, imagine, after inserting   
your middle finger, trying to touch the tip of your middle   
finger to your thumb (like pinching the pubic bone). That's   
about where the G-spot lives. I've had women orgasm and ejacu-   
late from a very little bit (just enough to make her feel   
really wet) to a large gush of watery fluid with a pale milky   
color. I've been married now for 19 years and my wife seems   
to get a lot of G-spot stimulation from doggie style. Love   
your column.   


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Thank you to all those who shared their input on this. One
thing I know after writing this column for so long is that
if one reader asks something, then tons of others are wonder-
ing the EXACT same thing. So, readers, what's on YOUR mind?
What sexual item do you want to explore? Send me an email
with your feedback and thoughts. In the meantime, we will
tackle "Fighting Part II" on Wednesday. As always, I remain...

Devotedly yours,   

Carmen Sutra   

*********************WEEKLY VIDEO CLIP**********************


Jane Fonda is no stranger to controversy and her recent   
interview on the Today Show caused some. She was appearing   
on the show to promote the Vagina Monologues and... well,   
just watch.   


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