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Publication: Great Sexpectations
Top Four

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                 Monday, March 17, 2008
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<%BLOG|Top Four%>

A very warm welcome from Carmen Sutra:  

I am sitting here in my home office staring at my Dwight
bobblehead contemplating relationships. We all wonder at 
times what the magic ingredient is to maintain and inspire
a long-term, sexually-fulfilling relationship. And I gotta
say one of those is creativity. Are you up for a mission,
my dear Great SEXers? Before the end of the month, you must
try at least one of the four items listed in today's agenda.
You have two weeks to complete at least one, should you 
accept. Can you handle it?

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Today's Topic: Top Four

1. Be a Director - Voicing one's desires is often difficult 
for people, especially when it comes to sex. We worry that 
our partner might be offended by direction, might think they
are not pleasing us, or feel inadequate in exploring new
territory. But this is all in our minds! How is your partner
supposed to know what you like in bed if you don't express
your desires? 

A moan here and there can provide feedback, but nothing tops 
actually saying "Baby, I would love to feel your hand here," 
and then direct him/her to lovely said spot. Try it! I know 
you might be nervous about asking for your needs, but take 
control of your orgasms and ASK for your heart's desire! If 
your partner truly cares about you, he or she will gladly 
want to please you.

2. Erotic, erotic, put your hands all over my body - In the
next week or two, try some form of erotica. Yes, you. Buy an
erotic piece of literature and read it to each other or try
watching a porn together. If you have not done this before,
though, start with softer porn and see how it goes. The 
point is to be OPEN and experiment. If you fall in a heap of
giggles, that's fine, too; it's all about having a shared

3. Taboo - Do something a little risky or outside your comfort
zone. This could mean anything from fondling each other in 
the car on the way to Easter dinner to making out in the coat
closet at a bar. You are only limited by your imagination.
Remember, it has to be something out of your comfort zone.
If you normally go at it with the lights off in the bedroom
only, try mixing it up by making out in your car one night
after a movie. It will surely get the juices flowing...

4. Early Foreplay - Start foreplay first thing in the morning
and make it last all day. Hold on, it's not as much work as
it sounds like. Before your partner leaves for the day, give
him/her a big smooch and say that is only a preview of coming
attractions...pun intended :)  Leave him/her a note in their
wallet describing what you will do to them later in the eve-
ning or send a sexy text indicating the same. My high-ahievers
will do both, naturally. 



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That's not all - do something during the day to make their 
life easier. For instance, pick up the dry cleaning, hit the 
grocery store, pick up the kids, etc. The idea is to demon-
strate support. The foreplay and demonstration of support 
coupled together will create an atmosphere of consideration, 
anticipation, and relaxation. This will get you both in the 
mood for night-time festivities and will help you both 
want to give to your partner even more. And that's always a 
win-win situation. So what are you going to experiment with
over the next two weeks? Whatever you do, you know you have
to share the details with dear 'ole Carmen. As always, I 

Devotedly yours,   

Carmen Sutra   

*********************WEEKLY VIDEO CLIP**********************

           Japan Shoots Missile Down in Space 

US ally, Japan, demonstrated the first time a missile has 
been used to shoot down another missile in space. This is 
pretty cool technology, but is not being well received in 


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