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Publication: Great Sexpectations
Just in Time

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                 Wednesday, February 13, 2008
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<%BLOG|Just In Time%>

A very warm welcome from Carmen Sutra:  


Carmen says "Assume the Position!" No, this isn't an article   
about role playing with cop/criminal (although...), it's a   
bonus issue on sexual positions. Seems like many of us have   
the same things on our minds: deep penetration and g-spot-   
stimulating sex! Any position is a must-try in my book if   
it allows for stimulation of various erogenous zones at the   
same time. Case in point - today's first position.   

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Today's Topic: Just in Time...


Well one of our favorite positions is for anal penetration &   
masturbation at the same time. have your man lay on his back,   
then the woman straddles him. once you have anal penetration   
in this position she should lay back between his legs & you   
both should be facing upward. this is a good position for the   
clitoris to be exposed so you can masturbate & your man can   
watch or join in. This position has sent me to the moon every-   
time we do it!! its deep, & it's great watching my husband   
watch me masturbate. thanks for your articles, they keep our   
imagination wide open for all ideas.   

Hi Carmen   

I do have a position which I have not seen printed as of yet,   
and this position can provide a strenuous workout as well as   
providing pleasure. It starts out with the male sitting on   
the floor with his back to the couch or a low lying bed, with   
his knees bent in front of him. this is where some strength   
comes into play. With his shoulders firmly placed against   
the front of the couch he bridges his body so his torso is   
parallel to the floor, and his shoulders, and head are on   
the seat of the couch.   

Now his mate can straddle his body either facing him or   
turned around, and after inserting his penis into her she can   
ride him like a horse. The movements can come from both mates,   
but for starts it may be best to just have her make all the   
movements This position does take some body strength, but it's   
well worth getting in shape for. It not only gives you some-   
thing different to try, but is really enjoyable.   

Carmen's Official Pick - Get ready for some deep, G-spot-
stimulating action! The man should sit on the edge of the bed 
with his legs open. The woman should have her back to him 
(and he can appreciate her derriere in all its greatness) and 
lower herself onto his erection. How sexy (and simple) does 
that sound? Experiment to discover what angles you like best 
and really get into it. The woman can use an up-and-down 
motion, lean forward, grind her hips in a circle, etc.   

BONUS: The man can kiss her neck and reach around and cup her   
breasts at the same time.   

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We've been talking about Valentine's Day for a while now...
what exactly will you be up to? Send me your R-rated replies,
and I will include some on Friday! Attention Singletons: grab
a group of friends and hit a nice restaurant. You deserve to
enjoy a nice dinner, too! Have a great time, all. As always, 
I remain...

Devotedly yours,   

Carmen Sutra   

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You wont believe what happens when two high school students   
decided to bake their teachers a batch of pot laced muffins.   
The students prank not only got the teachers attention by   
also the attention of the FBI.   


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