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Publication: Great Sexpectations
Reader Comments

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                 Friday, February 8, 2008
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A very warm welcome from Carmen Sutra:  

Happy Friday, everyone! We have a mixed bag of responses this
week including relationship advice, 69 feedback, some tasty
ideas for Valentine's Day and more! Before we get started,
one reader suggests a book for relationship success. I also
encourage you to review the "Five Love Languages." It dis-
cusses how we all show and receive love in different ways
and helps you determine you and your partner's needs. Many
readers over the years have suggested this one, too. Let's
get to your letters!

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Today's Topic: Reader Comments


My fiancee and I decided to participate in pre-marital coun-
seling, and we were recommended to read "His Needs Her Needs   
Building an affair-proof marriage" by Willard F. Harley, Jr.  
This book has topped the charts as the best marriage book 
available. Because more than any other, this book helps hus-
bands and wives give each other what they need most in marriage.  
The book talks about how each partner has 5 basic needs and 
they must be meet by their partner or they will go elsewhere 
to fill it. Become aware of each other's emotional needs and 
learn to meet them. I strongly recommend this book to anyone 
who wants to make their relationship more solid and more 


Good tips, however I would add a couple points:

1. Communication and compromise (in equal amounts) is para-
mount to a successful relationship.

2. Don't let it get stale, Ladies, keep the occasional oral 
while he drives, and other wild things you did at first, men 
remember when you'd help with dishes, laundry, clean up, so 
you could jump in the sack sooner with her?? Both, it takes 
work to keep it hot and steamy. Natural instinct is to fall
into an indifferent attitude and/or take one another for 
granted. FIGHT IT! If you want to be happy, both need to work 
towards the common goal.


i enjoyed reading about the guy enjoying 69 oral. in fact in 
our younger days we used to indulge in this position. But my 
partner would come on top and  i would lick her vagina inside 
out while she is rubbing her clit against my lips and when 
she is aroused completely we would indulge in sex. 

Hi Carmen,

Saw this and had to respond. I was with a woman and she got 
on top of me facing me and it was absolutely the best sex I 
ever had. Her depth and sensations caused by the tip of my 
penis rubbing the bottom of her vagina got me off like the 
rocket and fireworks you read about. I completely lost con-
trol on trying to delay my orgasm. And it happened so fast 
that she did not orgasm. I was able to continue in other 
positions and bring her to orgasm. Again we did her on top 
and the results were the same. I told her to slow down or 
do something different and she kept on and away I went into 
orgasm...THE best ever! Keep the columns coming Carmen, I 
love them. - (male) 68 and youthing.

hiya carmen,

a great and yummy idea for valentine's day (for the ladies) 
that doesn't cost much is to present yourself to your beloved 
when you're both home for the evening in some sweet, candy 
attire! Yes, that's right, Candy wear.....remember the candy 
necklaces we all used to eat when we were kids? well, there 
is a company called Spencer & Fleet wood who make Candy bras, 
garter belts, tassles, cock rings...you name it, they have 
it! I bought my items at a local Candy shop, but i'm sure 
you could find these online in time for Valentine's day....
why not add some "chocolate" soap to take into the shower 
with your lover, the possibilities are simply delicious!!!  

Yes, there may be those who will run out for champagne and 
roses, chocolates too...me, i'll wrap myself up in my bathrobe 
and when my man goes to loosen my robe he'll be in for a very 
sweet treat! Happy Valentine's everyone :)
p.s. come on over and join us on the G.S.forums, we've got 
some great people on though we're always happy to welcome 
new cummers!!!


This is an outstanding gift for your loved one. Last year I 
bought the book for my honey (he does not read books) but once 
he saw that we were the stars in this book, he could not put 
it down. I also mentioned this to friends of mine and they 
also purchased the book of their choice and said what a big 
hit it was. I highly recommend this book!!!! I'm getting 
another one this year to start our collection. The best thing 
also is you can download a photo of you and your honey and 
it'll be placed in the back of the book. Check it out:

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Thank you, of course, to everyone who shared ideas, feed-
back, and tips this week! I also encourage you to peruse
our Great SEX forum when you have time (link at the top of
the newsletter). There are plenty of regulars, but they 
are very welcoming, as the aforementioned reader said. They
discuss various relationship and sexual topics, as well
as create erotic stories together! Have fun and enjoy the
weekend. As always, I remain...

Devotedly yours,   

Carmen Sutra   

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The students prank not only got the teachers attention by   
also the attention of the FBI.   

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