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Publication: Great Sexpectations
Cupid's Day

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               Wednesday, January 30, 2008
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<%BLOG|Cupid's Day%>
A very warm welcome from Carmen Sutra:   

Get ready for some super-fab Valentine's Day ideas for your
sweet! I purposely included letters that highlight a smatter-
ing of gifts/gestures in a variety of price ranges. Keep in
mind, like one reader points out, that sometimes it is the
creativity and sentiment that matter most :)

While this issue is dedicated to celebrating your beloved
on Valentine's Day, I have a simple suggestion that could
change your world. Imagine how your or your partner would
feel if, when you walked in the door every evening, you
were greeted with a kind words, a hug, and genuine delight
for you to be home. Imagine how different our world would
be if everyone had someone to do this for them! And it's
absolutely free. Make it an everyday celebration.

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Today's Topic: Cupid's Day


One of the greatest things we have treated one another to has 
been a long (1 1/2 hr) couple's massage. Pick a spa close to 
home or stay there so there is as little time and hassle as 
possible before getting to bed. We have occasionally had the 
masseur/ masseuse come to our place so all we had to do was 
get from the massage tables to  our bedroom. Luxurious, lang-
uorous extraordinarily sensuous loving will inevitably follow.
Love your column.


Love your articles! What I am planning on doing for my loved 
one is I'm getting her her favorite bottle of perfume, arti-
ficial roses petals to put on the bed, an erotica book written 
by a woman from the woman's point of view, a garter belt and 
panty hose, and gold satin sheets. I plan on giving her the 
book wrapped up when its time and then that can keep her 
occupied and warm her up a bit while I go in the bedroom and 
set up the sheets and petals. And I haven't decided yet if I 
am going to have the other presents wrapped sitting on the 
bed or if I will get undressed and sit on the bed with the 
presents on my lap. 

I know everyone will say door number 2, but I am wondering 
if the whole setup would entice her to take off my clothes 
because I love it when a woman tears into my pants. I will 
let you know that next week how it turns out. - Man from 


Every year for Valentine's Day, I make my wife a special book 
of poetry (some classic standards, some original) and quo-
tations reaffirming our love. I grab several *hot* (and royal-
ty free) images from the web, paste them into place, overlay 
the text, print, trim, and I'm done.  It serves a dual purpose 
by being heartfelt and considerate, yet very inexpensive.
In the past, I had spent several hundred dollars on tradi-
tional fair like jewelry, but nothing outdid her reaction 
to the first book I gave her.  We have been married for nine 
years, and she still looks forward each year to her book.


I'm a newer subscriber to your column, but I have loved it 
from day one! Thanks for all the great advice and new ideas!  
My love is in Iraq, where he has been for 16 months now. We 
have a very healthy sexual relationship and have managed to 
get creative while he is there, using spicy love letters, 
taking turns writing a story in segments, (he leaves off and 
I pick up, etc..), and using digital and web cams.  So, it is 
possible to maintain a GREAT love life, even from opposite 
sides of the planet! Now for my dilemma. I am at a loss as 
to what to do for him for Valentine's Day. He is coming home 
in May (FINALLY!!), and doesn't want anything else sent to 
him since he is starting to send everything home, but I really 
want to do something special for him. Any ideas? Perplexed 

[I'm so glad he's coming home soon! Congrats to you both...
you will have a lot of sex to make up for :) You sound really
creative, and even though he said don't send anything, I 
would consider making the poetry book the above reader
mentioned. I think he would still appreciate the sentiment
AND sensuality and be pleased that you put that much effort
into it. Plus, the book doesn't have to be so big that it
takes up a lot of space. Have fun with it!]

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Massage For Lovers DVD

Send me all your ideas, people! I will try to include some
here and there before Valentine's Day. And don't forget the
classic Hershey Kiss idea - scatter Hershey Kisses all over
the ground and when your lover walks in the room, tell him/
her you "kiss the ground they walk on". Can I get an "Awww?"...
As always, I remain...

Devotedly yours,   

Carmen Sutra   

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John McCain was giving a speech and began speaking about 
immigration. He was booed by a Republican crowd. This does 
not bode well for his bid to win the Presidential primary. 


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