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Publication: Great Sexpectations
Reader Comments

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                Friday, January 25, 2008
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A very warm welcome from Carmen Sutra:   

So, how do men REALLY feel about sexually liberated women?
You will have to wait to find out! As expected, I received
hundreds of responses to a reader's letter last week regard-
ing this issue. I will sift through them over the weekend,
and Monday's column will be entirely devoted to that topic.
In the meantime...tons of you shared advice on the heart-
broken reader from Monday, one male reader sings the praises
of anticipation (I told you so!), and I just have to share
a couple love notes to me from readers :)

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Today's Topic: Reader Comments


Now you're gonna go and ruin my secret to makin' 'em wanna 
cum back for more! Anticipation, you write. You are so corr-
ect. I have been seeing a woman who was used to getting laid 
when she wanted with whom she wanted -- Instant Gratification. 
Then, I introduced her to a long day of teasing and foreplay, 
then two days, then three days. When we finally come together, 
she's beyond turned on and instantly orgasms! To her, it may 
seem cruel, but I'll build the anticipation with mental and
physical foreplay, we'll get naked, get down to do it, but 
then, I stop before she cums, withdrawing, perhaps to get 
dressed and go downtown to shoot pool or something. She's 
absolutely WILD with anticipation. She is so turned on, she 
is wet and that just makes her more aroused to feel her own

In the end, through her frustrations, her begging, her
pleading when her ravenous appetite for sex is satisfied, 
she's unbelievably grateful. She's not had that before -- 
Delayed Gratification -- and she keeps coming back for more.

hi carmen, 

i love your column and have for years, i just got done read-
ing a recent letter sent into you from a distraught reader....
i have been in her situation before with an ex of mine....he 
was friends with an ex of his, and the girl was known for 
cheating...their relationship became out of control with their 
"friendship" and closeness of it, i did end up telling him he 
had to choose between me and her...he chose me and we were 
together for 6 yrs., however he held it over my head for years 
for having to be "mean" to her and end their friendship. 

in the end, he ended up losing his mind, missing his partying 
days and the fact that he grew up and became an adult by be-
ing with me, and ran off with another girl who i was friends 
with....so in the end, it didn't seem to go away, it was still 
in his system to not be happy with what he had...and the fact 
her boyfriend is comparing her with the "friend", is not a 
good sign...i say she should leave him, there's obviously 
someone much better waiting for her out there...my ex was 
good to me until the end, and treated me like "his princess", 
but i am now with someone who refers to me as "his queen"...

i'm getting what i deserve now, the royal treatment and 
ultimate loyalty from him...she deserves so much better...
and she can set a good example to her daughter to not settle 
for less...but if she does stay with him, make him choose, 
and seek couple's counseling to heal from this...and heal 
together....it sounds like he's miserable from being out of 
work, and is blaming his unhappiness on the relationship....
i say he needs counseling, and they do as a couple if they 
decide to stick it out...but she's young, she has plenty of 
time to find the one who will treat her the way she deserves, 
and someone who will cherish her...good luck to her...
-signed, female, age 31


If she thinks she cannot live without him, she is almost sure 
to lose him. Guys are impressed by independent women who don't 
need them, and yet still want them. When women are clingy 
"please don't leave me" types, guys generally run for the 
nearest exit. This woman needs to exert some firm but tough 
love. Tell him that this behavior is unacceptable, and if it 
persists, he can make future plans without her in his life.    
This approach does not guarantee her success in saving the 
marriage, but it has a far better chance than any type of 
desperation or ultimatum approach.   


in regards to devoted and heartbroken, i would confront him 
also. So many people blame the "other woman" or the "other  
man" but if a person is truly unhappy and determined to cheat, 
if one says no they will find one who will say yes. Let's 
place the homewrecker label squarely where it belongs. On 
the shoulder of the cheating spouse that made the promise 
in the first place.


My first question is how much time does she spend with him. 
If she is spending more time doing other things, then he's 
going to go somewhere else. (male)


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What a wonderful thing you did by giving out the suicide hot-
line. And so timely on Blue Monday, the most depressing day 
of the entire year. Many people are feeling the toll of the 
holidays being over, the bills coming in, their New Year's 
resolutions already broken, the weather getting ugly and no 
major holidays til the end of May. Thank you for being sensi-
tive to this poor soul. Even though the column is primarily 
about sexual issues, I think it's impossible to divorce 
emotions from any relationship. I just wanted to express my 
thanks to you, Carmen. Well done.


as I read that letter from the reader, I thought about what 
I would tell her myself. Then I read your response, and you 
gave the absolute perfect reply. I don't know your experi-
ence, if you have a background in counseling, etc., but you 
give wonderful advice. I love how you promote such healthy 
relationships and just wanted to thank you for being such a 
great host!


My dear readers, you are extremely generous with your praise,
and I love our relationship :) I often receive positive feed-
back, but the two above letters made me feel really good, and
I wanted to share them. Aw, I'm blushing. Enough mushiness!
Hey, who has Valentine's Day ideas? Stop keeping them to
yourself - time to share! Get ready for an exciting week next
week. In the meantime, try practicing some very enticing
delayed gratification. I completely support this. As always,
I remain...

Devotedly yours,   

Carmen Sutra   

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