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Publication: Great Sexpectations
Reader Comments

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                  Friday, January 4, 2008
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A very warm welcome from Carmen Sutra:   

Duh, right? But this week's reader comments especially! In
response to our oral vs. intercourse discussion, several of
you sent explicit details and descriptions about the former,
but I'll let you read those for yourself. I also included
another embarrassing sex story because it seems we all 
enjoy them!

Plus, on a health-related issue, Type II Diabetes has been
increasing for a while, and this can often impact our sexual
lives. Thus, I included three responses from men who have
experienced this and have advice for everyone else. Thank

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Today's Topic: Reader Comments


As I've gotten older I love the oral and my guy can do it so 
well. We don't even really do the oral thing he plays with my 
clit and makes me cum. So I guess in our case it's not even 
oral or intercourse its the playing with. You've never really 
discussed this area of sex here. He lays between my legs and 
rubs and plays with my clit and drives me wild he has learned 
how to just about bring me to orgasm and then stops and does 
something different like kiss my thigh and run his fingers up 
and own my thigh all the time knowing I'm ready to explode. 
It's just that short stopping that then sends me over the edge 
as he starts back on me again.


Love your column, I read it all the time. In response to what 
do the ladies prefer? Personally, I prefer oral (with some 
finger play too). There is more variety in what I'm feeling 
and definitely a higher likelihood of me getting off. With 
intercourse, I don't really get off at all. Also, there's 
something very erotic about looking down and seeing my man's 
face in my most personal area. Definitely a more intimate 
act for both people.  

Now, I also enjoy it when my man gets me off a couple times 
and then immediately gets on top of me and finishes with 
intercourse. The only drawback to that is that he has to 
forego his blow job (unless I get him off first, then we play 
long enough for him to want to come again inside me, but 
that's very uncommon). The man I'm currently with has never 
gone down on a woman (he's "working on it") so the picture 
is a little different these days, but I'm holding out hope 
that we'll be able to share that. In the meantime, I still 
enjoy going down on him but honestly, not as much as if it 
were a two-way street. What really matters most is how we 
feel about each other, anything else can be worked out.

Hey Carmen- 

love the column! Would like to weigh in on the oral vs inter-
course discussion from a woman's perspective. There are times 
when the urge strikes me to take complete control, and that 
always means oral. I absolutely LOVE to see my lover's reaction 
when I push him back, pull off his pants so I can get my mouth 
on him. I always say that his penis is my favorite candy. I 
experiment with all sorts of different techniques with my 
tongue and hands and he usually gets rock hard as soon as he 
realizes what I am about to do. 

To me, there is nothing better than when I look up and see 
him watching me perform with a blissful smile on his face.
Of course, that only gets me wetter, and eventually, I have 
to jump on top and ride him. Either that, or he will grab me 
and take over and that sends me over the moon! He is equally 
good at giving me oral as well. Yes, there are many times 
when I gulp every last drop that he has to offer. I can tell 
how much he loves it when I do-he has told me more than once 
that he has never received better head in his life. Prefer-
ence? In the end, I always have to have him inside me at some 
point. But- I have no issue whatsoever with taking good care 
of him beforehand! Look forward to reading much more in 2008! 
Happy New Year!


Funny this topic came up...I have recently wondered this same 
thing about my guy... I have to ask him (honey if you are 
reading this..? lol) I venture to think he prefers oral..

Anyway, I much prefer intercourse over oral. It is a totally 
different sensation and orgasm. As much as I love to hold his 
"thumbs" while he goes wild on me I love and prefer the con-
tact of intercourse..The visual is so intense! Skin to skin, 
looking into his gorgeous blue eyes, feeling his gorgeous, 
muscular arms and watching his muscles strain as he looms 
above me, or behind me or around me etc..lol Plus, there is 
such a connection through intercourse that is missing with 
oral. So honey, if you are reading, I'd prefer intercourse 
with you any day! I'll prove it later ;)

As always~ Thanks Carmen for a wonderful, very enlightening 


I love intercourse but of course nothing can compare to giv-
ing my man a deep sensual oral stimulated as I say love making 
session with him this way. He loves receiving my mouth. I work 
on him slowly and so much enjoy how hot and wet my mouth gets 
not to mention how wet I get. It's a turn on to both of us.  
If you just close your eyes, try and pretend what would feel 
good to you and bring on him. He loves how wet my mouth gets 
with the sounds of wetness of sucking. He might not be that 
huge but when the play starts OMG, he surely zooms out and I 
cannot help but give it to him more.


I am a male 68 with type II diabetes. I have found that L-
Arginine is good for helping me with a hard on. Also, My mind 
is important in this area, I need to think stimulating thoughts 
to make it happen. You can buy L-Arginine in herb and health 
food stores and follow directions. Any questions about taking 
it, ask your Doctor if it is okay for you to take. BTW the 
sex pills in convenience stores contains this herb. Keep the 
articles cumming.

Hi Carmen;

Have enjoyed your column for a long time, keep up the good 
work. In regards to the couple where the guy has type II 
diabetes; I have type II diabetes also and have the same ED 
problem. After discussing this with my Dr. he gave me a pre-
scription for levitra. It Works. It isn't perfect, but allows 
my wife and I to continue to enjoy our intimate moments. I'm 
61 years old and been married for a looooong time,,, am not 
yet ready to give up.. Talk to your Dr. and see if this is a 
solution to your problem... It works for me.


I am a 69 year-old male with Type II diabetes. My first wife 
died of endometrial cancer in June 2006, 2 days short of 44 
years of our wedding anniversary, and I remarried a wonderful 
lady I met online the following September after corresponding 
with her for 4 years previously. The sex life my first wife 
and I had was not much because of my not getting any erections 
due mostly to my diabetes. Being a sexual person, this was very 
difficult for me and I was determined that I was going to use 
every method possible to correct the problem with my new wife. 

I tried all the pills - Viagra, Lavetra, Cialis - nothing 
worked. Finally I went to a urologist and he suggested the 
method whereby I would inject a special tri-mix solution into 
my penis. This sounded painful but I was willing to try any-
thing. The end of this story is that it worked and was not as 
bad as I first thought it would be. The needle used is very 
short and there is no discomfort. The area injected is on the 
side of the penis and only takes a few seconds to administer. 
The tri-mix solution can only be obtained (in my case) from a 
Compounding Pharmacy but I'm sure there are other compounds 
available elsewhere. The only drawback to using the injected 
mixture is it was expensive ($69 for a few ml) and there needs 
to be a 3 day wait in between injections. My sex life now is 
great and I am a very happy man who is living with my diabetes 
and a wonderfully understanding woman. And oh yes - intercourse 
AND oral sex are equally great now!


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Hey Carmen,

Happy 2008! I'm actually caught up with my Great Sex reading, 
so I thought I'd shoot you a line about one of my embarrassing 
sex stories - I think it was more like an embarrassing post-sex 

My husband and I were renting a mobile home, and we occasion-
ally like to switch rooms so we were doing it in the living 
room, and it was during the afternoon. We hear a knock on the 
door and it's the landlord - he's there to take pictures for 
his insurance or something. Oops! I throw on a t-shirt (and 
that's it) and I think hubby grabbed a pair of stretch pants, 
but we didn't have time to shut the suitcase with the sex toys 
in it. We open the door, discover the landlord HAS to come in 
to get his photos ("it'll only take a few minutes"), so we 
stand in front of the open suitcase - like we're really hiding 
anything, right? ;) 

Somehow, of course, he also needs pictures in that direction 
or something - somehow it became necessary to shut the suit-
case. So then I find myself trying to crouch so I can close 
the suitcase without letting him see my butt...I'm fairly 
sure I wasn't successful in hiding myself. Ack! As you said, 
I can laugh now. I'm cc'ing my husband on this - see if he 
remembers this little incident... ;)


Thank you, as always, to everyone who shared their stories,
opinions, and advice this week! This is your newsletter and
a whole new year, my Great SEXers, so what do you want to
read about? What's on your sexual mind? What do you need 
help with or want to share? Send me an email with "2008
topic" or something similar in the title and I will check
it out this weekend. As always, I remain...

Devotedly yours,   

Carmen Sutra   

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