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Publication: Great Sexpectations
Reader Comments

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                Friday, December 14, 2007  
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A very warm welcome from Carmen Sutra:   

I love sharing our stories! Once I detailed my current morti-
fication on Wednesday, tons of you wrote in to elaborate on
your own embarrassing stories. A friend even confessed that
she recently bought a version of the Kama Sutra and was 
going to give it to her husband for Christmas. The idea was
that she would give him the book and tell him to pick out
any position to try. 

Except that she left the book on the table when the plumber 
came over...the plumber that is her father-in-law's best 
friend. She was mortified. Hehe She laughs about it now (as 
do I about the lingerie interception), and that's how many 
of you reflect on your stories today. Many of you shared 
embarrassing stories from years ago. While you were morti-
fied at the time, you joke about them now. Enjoy :)

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Today's Topic: Reader Comments


I think the worst thing that every happened to me was when 
my boyfriend and I were having sex in his dorm room, when his 
room mate walked in. We'd been doing it in a spooning pos-
ition, so we just went limp and pretended to be asleep. We 
hunkered down under the blankets, still... together, hoping 
the guy would walk back out. He didn't. For over an hour and 
a half we lay there like that, hoping he'd go away, before he 
finally left and we could 'disconnect' and scramble back into 
our clothes. Funny thing is, the guy walked in on us a few 
more times after that when we were being less discreet, and 
never seemed to get the hint that he should probably leave 
the room after he sees us diving under the sheets. 

Hi Carmen;

When my husband and I were dating, there was a time that I 
moved back in with my parents to help take care of my dad, 
and my future husband was living with his folks. They planned 
to be gone for the weekend, so he and I decided to make a big 
night of it and stay in his bedroom at his folks' house that 
night. Guess what? His mom and brother decided to come home 
early; they felt bad that he'd been left by himself, and we 
were still in bed when they walked in! His mom was mad at us, 
but we just laughed it off; his little brother still teases 
us about our "wild weekend". We've been married 30 years now, 
and the love and desire are still there; strong as ever! A 
big fan of yours!


my most embarrasing sex related story would have to be the 
time when my first ex-husband and i were having sex on an 
overlook deck at a national park..when we first got there we 
were the only two people in the whole park and it was so 
beautiful when we walked down the trail leading to the over-
look deck of three beautiful waterfalls..the water was rush-
ing down and it was on  the 4th of july and before we knew it 
he was behind me and we were looking over the edge of the deck 
at the waterfalls and he was rubbing against me and he took 
my pants down and entered me from behind as i looked down and 
could hear the waterfalls we were lost in the moment when all 
of a sudden i came back to reality with the voices coming 
down the trail of a bunch of elderly people..

before we could get our pants up they were about a hundred 
feet away and my husband starts yelling get back get back....
lol.i was sooooooooooooo embarrassed..and we had to  walk past 
them to get to the car...when we got to the parking lot we 
found out it was a senior citizen bus on a tour...we got some 
strange looks mostly from the supervisors of the group though 
but made some memories i will never forget..love your site 
keep them cumming...lol.how many of your readers do you think 
will find an overlook deck to hold onto this weekend? 


My boyfriend at the time was going down on me. He was just 
licking away and rubbing my stomach with his hands. All of a 
sudden, I cut  a very loud air biscuit (as Whoppi calls it) 
right in his face. He jumped out of bed and got really pissed 
at me. I laughed until tears were in my eyes. Not long after, 
I dumped him, because he never let me forget that incident. 
I love your column.


so i'm with the great guy and it is a relatively new relation-
ship and this one night i wind up in hand cuffs, cuffed to 
his bed, totally naked. we are still just fooling around when 
his cell phone goes off and he actually answers it! well it 
turns out to be a friend of his that had dropped by and was 
outside the apartment. so he tells him that he will be right 
down and leaves me on the bed---NAKED and CUFFED! of course 
he was stopped long enough to cover me up, but here i am wait-
ing for him to come back upstairs, (and i have to admit con-
cerned that he would bring his friend up). to say that i was 
10 shades of red when he came back does not describe my color...
but at least the sex was amazing after!


I have had a few occasions in my younger days when I was 
"caught in the act". The most memorable was the time I was 
parked in a beach parking lot & my GF @ the time was provid-
ing me with some great oral sex.  As we were lost in the 
moment a pickup truck with two park employees rolled up on us 
unexpectantly & as I began to look up I see this guy with a 
wide grin on his face looking down into the car & informing 
us that the beach parking lot will be closing soon. Needless 
to say we were both embarrassed & my GF's face was a red as 
a beet.


My honey had keys to his carpool's place (she was 17 years 
older, like a second mom), it was our Love Nest. We were care-
ful not to leave any evidence (stories for another issue), 
and leave before she came home. He would make notes of the 
temperature setting, how far the window blinds were open, 
toilet seat and shower door positions, radio/CD settings. One 
day we lost track of time, and as I was getting dressed he 
heard her fiddling with her key in the front door (having 
walked around another unit to get to the door). 

He quickly held the deadbolt closed as I reconnected the 
garage door opener (on a ladder), and pulled out of the gar-
age! I saw her in my rear view mirror as I drove away but she 
was busy catching up to him before he could leave. That was 
likely the only time he had disconnected the garage door 
opener on a whim. He had her permission to be there, such as 
taking his birthday off work, or he might be there to fix her 
sink, internet, he did a lot of work. Having wonderful sessions 
at someone else's place is probly mortifying in itself. We 
never used her bed but placed a comforter in the spare bedroom. 
Our favorite space was the landing between the stairs. She 
retired, sold the place, and moved away but those wonderful 
memories are keepers :) 

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Thanks for sharing your stories, everyone! My personal fave
is the one with the senior citizen touring bus :) I'll share
some more of your stories next week, and I haven't forgotten
about your comments on "silent sex". Have a good weekend! Try
to get some lovin' in the middle of all your shopping! As
always, I remain...

Devotedly yours,   

Carmen Sutra   

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