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Publication: Great Sexpectations
Reader Comments

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                 Friday, December 7, 2007  
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<%BLOG|Reader Comments%>
A very warm welcome from Carmen Sutra:   

After writing this column for seven years(!) I know that
certain topics will generate more responses than others, but
I was surprised to receive SO many missives regarding our 
"silent sex" issue this week! Thus, I will dedicate a special 
issue to your responses next week. Up on the agenda today is 
feedback on an that concerns every man: penis fracture. That's
not all, folks! Don't miss "pillow sex" feedback and some
interesting comments on having sex with a full bladder. 


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Today's Topic: Reader Comments

Carmen -

Just wanted to comment on the question about the penis possi-
bly breaking....rumor or truth. I am a Registered nurse and 
let me tell you that even though the penis is not technically 
a bone that can be broken, the blood vessels that help to 
make the penis erect can become severely injured. In fact, 
when I worked on a medical ward in the hospital, we actually 
had a patient who has "broken" his penis while he and his 
girlfriend was having rough sex. So, YES the penis can be 
severely injured if bent the wrong way when erect.


Regarding the question from your reader regarding "breaking 
the penis" here is some information:

A penile fracture is an injury caused by the rupture of the 
tunica albuginea, which envelopes the corpus cavernosum penis. 
It is an uncommon injury, most often caused by a blunt trauma 
to an erect penis. A popping or cracking sound, significant 
pain, immediate detumescence, and skin hematoma of various 
sizes are commonly associated with the event. These symptoms 
are similar to a common bruising or contusion of the penis. 
If your penis becomes bruised, it is painful but is not a 
huge problem if it can become erect within a few days. 

However, a penile fracture is generally considered a medical 
emergency, and emergency medical surgical repair is the usual 
treatment. Delay in seeking treatment increases the compli-
cation rate. Non-surgical approaches result in 10%-50% 
complication rates including erectile dysfunction, permanent 
penile curvature, damage to the urethra, and pain during 
sexual intercourse.

In the western hemisphere the most common cause, accounting 
for about 30%-50% of cases, is intercourse. Of those, woman-
on-top positions resulting in impact against the female pelvis 
or perineum and bending laterally are most common. In Middle 
Eastern countries the common cause is physical manipulation 
of the penis to remove an erection.


not only does it feel great to orgasm when you feel like you 
need to urinate....get your partner to press on your lower 
stomach where your bladder is.....talk about an orgasmic 
feeling!!!!!!!!!!!! love the column!!!! 

Hello Carmen,

I just had to write about the lady who commented that she 
likes to have sex with a full bladder. I also enjoy having 
sex with a less than empty bladder. It seems to help me reach 
orgasm faster/better than if my bladder is totally empty. But 
for me there is a fine line between what helps and what doesn't 
(bladder being too full). But I agree with your writer, it 
does make for a much more intense sensation and I attain 
orgasm faster. I LOVE your column, keep up the great work & 
let me be among the first (?) to wish you a very Merry 


Not quite sure that I get this.. but if anything I tend to 
want an EMPTY bladder. I've found (and perhaps this is 
partly due to neurological condition in my body, partly I've 
had multiple kids) that when I come really hard, that every-
thing contracts/spasms (think uterine coming real hard type), 
and my bladder LEAKS! Sometimes not, sometimes a little, some-
times it's a lot ... and I'm really glad that my partner is 
very understanding of it because that's not something I enjoy 
happening (it can be embarrassing)  I cannot imagine doing 
this on a full bladder.........


Your female reader isn't the only one who likes sex with a 
full bladder. However, I am curious as to why a woman would 
enjoy it. I have a pretty good idea why it feels good for me 
(a man), since I think the full bladder adds pressure to the 
prostate gland which I hear can add to a man's pleasure.  
However, as women are not so equipped, what gives?

Hi Carmen;

Love your column; never can wait for the next one to show up 
online! I purchased a sex pillow for $29 from a catalog; and 
my husband and I love it. We are older and it holds my hips 
at just the correct angle for his entry! We've used it pretty 
continuously for about 18 months; it is just great; I 
recommend it highly!

A big fan of yours


[Re: the 27-degree angle pillow]

My wife and I have tried a pricey pillow called The Liberator 
Wedge available from www.liberatorshapes.com. I really pro-
vides the results it promises! Deeper penetration and G-spot 
Hello Carmen

I'd like to comment on Pillow Sex! I have a pillow to prop my 
legs up, and it's GREAT in a sexual manner as well... When I 
have someone over, I ask her if she'd like to use the pillow, 
as it gives such a wonderful angle to 'hit the button', if 
you will... After she tries it, I give her oral, and work a 
lot on her clitoris. This makes her vagina so wet, she can 
hardly wait to have my penis inside of her!!! 

I can hit her zone very easily, and that put her into complete 
satisfaction... I'd like to see people RUN to the health 
store and look for this item... It would help them tremend-
ously with their foreplay, and climatic sexperiences! 

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Thank you to all those who shared their tips, info, and 
stories this week! I will print some of your feedback about
"silent sex" next week, as well as ways to surprise your
beloved during the holiday season. Also, I want to address
a communication issue prevalent in MANY of your relation-
ships and how to help it. You'll just have to stay tuned...
In the meantime, I am going to spend some extra time under
the mistletoe this weekend. Wink, wink :) As always, I

Devotedly yours,   

Carmen Sutra   

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A man was arrested and charged with murder of an unborn fetus 
after he slipped an abortion pill into his girlfriend's drink 
that caused a miscarriage. He was released on bond after being 
the first person in Wisconsin to be charged with such a murder. 

Abortion Pill

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