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Publication: ABC Soaps
Gizmorama - Cancer diagnostic tool developed

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Gizmorama - Cancer diagnostic tool developed
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Good Morning,
The first big snow storm of the year hit the Chicagoland
area last night. My son cannot wait to get home from school
to get out and play. He is a little young yet to know about
snow days, so this morning I didn't even get asked if
school was closed. Im sure that is right around the corner!

Until Tomorrow,

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Cancer diagnostic tool developed

U.S. scientists have used nanotechnology to differentiate
metastatic cancer cells from normal cells by measuring their
softness. The multidisciplinary UCLA team's research is said
to represent one of the first times scientists have been able
to take living cells from cancer patients and apply
nanotechnology to determine whether they are cancerous
Researchers said the nano science measurements might provide
a new method for detecting cancer, as well as aiding in
personalizing treatment. Cancer cells are typically identified
under an optical microscope, but normal cells often appear
nearly identical to cancer cells. In the new procedure,
researchers employed a nanotechnology atomic force microscope
to measure cell softness by using a minute, sharp tip on a
spring to push against the cell surface and determine the
degree of softness without bursting the cell. "You look at
two tomatoes in the supermarket and both are red. One is
rotten, but it looks normal," said Professor James Gimzewski,
one of the study's senior authors. "If you pick up the tomatoes
and feel them, it's easy to figure out which one is rotten.
The research is reported in the advance online edition of the
journal Nature Nanotechnology.

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NASA: Atlantis ready for Thursday launch

The U.S. space agency started the countdown Monday for the
launch of space shuttle Atlantis on an 11-day mission to the
International Space Station. Atlantis is to lift off Thursday
from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Kennedy
Space Center in Florida at 4:31 p.m. EST during a 10-minute
launch window. NASA weather officer Kathy Winters said the
forecast called for an 80 percent chance of acceptable launch
conditions. The seven STS-122 astronauts arrived at Kennedy
Monday to begin their final preparations for the mission.
Astronaut Steve Frick will command the seven-man crew during
the mission to attach the European-built Columbus laboratory
to the space station. Frick, along with astronauts Alan
Poindexter, Rex Walheim, Leland Melvin, Hans Schlegel and
Leopold Eyharts will also conduct a series of spacewalks
during the mission.


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Climate change hard on food supply

A U.S.-led study suggests the toll of climate change on the
world's food supplies might be worse than expected. Researchers
at Columbia University's Earth Institute, in three separate
reports, said previous predictions of climate change on food
supplies, already daunting, have failed to account for extreme
weather, disease and other complications. "Many people assume
that we will never have a problem with food production on a
global scale," said Francesco Tubiello, a physicist and
agricultural expert at the NASA/Goddard Institute of Space
Studies who co-authored all three papers. Goddard is a member
of the Earth Institute. "But there is a strong potential for
negative surprises." The researchers predictions of progressive
changes stemming from 1- to 5-degree Celsius temperature rises
during coming decades failed to account for seasonal extremes
of heat, drought or rain, multiplier effects of spreading
diseases or weeds and other ecological upsets. All are
believed more likely in the future. The reports, co-authored
by researchers from Europe, North America and Australia,
appear in this week's issue of the Proceedings of the National
Academy of Sciences.


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