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Publication: Great Sexpectations
Pillows and Inner Thighs

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                Wednesday, November 28, 2007  
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A very warm welcome from Carmen Sutra:   

We recently discussed the idea that couples have LESS sex
during the holidays. While it might make sense to some, it
boggles my mind. When I am stressed and feel crazy, the 
thing that helps me most is to feel connected to my partner.
That being said, the stress of the holidays is kicking in 
for me! I so appreciate being able to write this column
and write about fun, creative ideas to enjoy boudoir 
gymnastics. And to that I've included two juicy tips today.

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Today's Topic: Pillows and Inner Thighs

1. Inner Thigh Stretch - This involves a slight alteration
on a sexual position. The woman should lie on her back with
her butt on the edge of the bed. Her partner can stand in 
front of her and have direct access to the vagina, thereby
creating better stimulation to the G-spot. He can stand like 
normal or push off the bed with his feet at any angle for 

In this classic position, the woman can do several alterations
with her legs. She can have them out wide to increase sen-
sations, bring her knees to her chest, or prop them straight
in the air against her partner's shoulders. Experiment to 
find what you like most because each alteration creates
different sensations. 

**Twist: try this inner thigh stretch:** Stay in the same 
position. The woman can put one leg out wide to the side and 
the other against her partner's chest so the foot rests 
against his shoulder. He can hold onto the legs for conven-
ience, but also to keep them in place. While he thrusts in 
and out, by keeping the legs at this angle, it will produce 
a slight stretch in the inner thigh, which then creates 
different sensations. Go for it! It's all about experimenting 
and finding the smallest changes to increase your enjoyment!

2. Pillows - Who knew such a basic household item like a 
pillow could add such intensity to certain sexual positions?
The woman should try placing a pillow under her butt to 
create a different angle for penetration (as in the position
mentioned in Number 1.) Additionally, for rear-entry positions,
the woman can put a pillow under her stomach. It might not
sound like a big deal, but the difference in angles can make
a huge difference. The pillow helps prop the vaginal canal
and butt up, thereby allowing deeper penetration, and in 
some cases, better G-spot stimulation. 

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Don't be a holiday sex hog! If you have experience or tips
regarding any of today's alterations, write me an email! We
can all benefit from your wisdom. Please share your favorite
variations, common props, and fave ways to de-stress. I will
include some of the most creative ideas on Friday. And don't
forget to let me know how you are surprising or treating
your honey this holiday season! As always, I remain...

Devotedly yours,   

Carmen Sutra   

*********************WEEKLY VIDEO CLIP**********************


This is hysterically funny as a TV Weatherman on air starts 
grabbing his crotch in obvious distress and eventually leaves 
the set for a refreshing pause...all caught live on air. 


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