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Publication: Garden Guides
Small Gardens

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                   GardenGuides Newsletter 
                  Tuesday, May 29, 2007 

Plant watering is one of the most important things to help 
keep your plants alive and healthy. Many house plants do 
not survive because they have been water improperly. Here 
are a few tips to help you practice proper plant watering:

      Water your plants when the soil feels dry to your 
      Water your plant until water starts to drain from 
      the bottom of your pot
      Do not let your plants sit in saucers of water


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 When space is at a premium, small garden ideas can help 
 to spruce up a bare corner, capitalize on an unsightly 
 wall or fence, and transform blah! to beautiful! Which 
 small garden idea is right for you? That depends on which 
 space needs help.



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If you have a patio or RV pad that doesn’t get used, try 
transforming it into your own outdoor café. Here’s what 
you need to do for this small garden idea:

      Line the perimeter of your patio with large urns. 
      Large urns give your wide-open space definition and 
      a sense of cozy privacy. In spring and summer, plant 
      your urns in bright annuals and lush foliage. In 
      winter, ‘plant’ small, naturalistic faux Christmas 
      trees in the urns and decorate with lights and bird-
      seed ornaments.
      Give your ‘patrons’ somewhere to sit for this small 
      garden idea. You can buy a three piece patio set for 
      as low as fifty dollars at home improvement centers, 
      department stores, even at craft stores. Buy more 
      than one set and entertain more than one crowd in 
      this small garden idea.
      Liven up the ambiance of this small garden idea with 
      wall art. Hang coffee themed prints, tiles, and 
      memorabilia to the wall using brick clips or other 
      outdoor hangers. A chalkboard menu with the house 
      specialties adds authenticity and fun.


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Do you have a small backyard lawn that never gets used? 
Backyard fireplaces and fire bowls are all the rage. For 
this next small garden idea, you’ll create your own home 
on the range and make the evenings come alive.

      Be safe! Site your outdoor fireplace or bowl away 
      from structures and overhanging trees to avoid fire 
      Create a stable, non-flammable base or platform 
      extending beyond the edges of the fireplace or fire 
      bowl. This will eliminate wobbly legs and prevent 
      sparks from catching fire.
      Create a comfortable seating area around the peri-
      meter close enough to hold easy conversations for 
      this small garden idea. Your seating could be lawn 
      chairs, stumps or logs, or more durable chairs, 
      depending on the ambiance you wish to create.
      Add munchies! This is the best small garden ideas 
      for anyone with a sweet tooth! Who can beat the 
      simple pleasure of a s’more? Layer graham crackers, 
      toasted marshmallows, and rich milk chocolate for 
      heaven on earth! For more substantial fare, roast 
      hot dogs or even kabobs. Some fireplaces or bowls 
      come with grills suitable for a whole range of 
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