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Publication: NBC Soaps
Final Issue

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             AS THE DIAL TURNS - NBC Soaps
                 Wednesday, April 18, 2007

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In Steve's hospital room, Bo confronts his friend about 
roughing up EJ. Bo and Hope search their house for bugs. 


Philip confronts EJ about hiring Willow to rob Bo and 
Hope's house. EJ tells Philip about his plan to install 
Sentrycell in Bo's house so he can track down Shawn. 
Philip suggests they break into Bo's house and install 
it themselves and calls Billie to find out how Sentrycell 

EJ and Philip pose as electricians to get into Bo and 
Hope's house. They secretly place cameras and load Billie's 
cell phone surveillance program on the computer. They usher 
out a painter, who gets suspicious and calls Bo. 

Bo and Kayla argue over the value of the evidence she 
brought back from Stefano's hospital room in Italy. She 
storms out and drives away, when two cars force her off 
the road. 

Bo gets the call from the painter and nearly catches 
Philip and EJ when he learns about Kayla's accident.

Marlena goes to see Steve, but he is hostile and un-
interested in her help. As she's leaving, Marlena gets a 
call about Kayla's "accident." She tells Steve, who acts 

Later, Steve gets a bar of lye soap and uses it to raise 
his temperature so that he is sent to the ER - at 
University Hospital, where Kayla is. 

Chelsea gets a surprise when Bo apologizes for not being a 
better father. He says they know Willow is responsible for 
the fire and the hairbrush will prove she's guilty. 

Bo tells Chelsea he trusts her and wants her to move in 
with him, Hope and Ciara. Kayla goes to see Steve and 
reminds him he promised to take his meds and leave EJ 


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A mugger pulls a gun on Noah and Paloma. Kay tries to 
convince Fox to lie on the stand in order to save Miguel's 


Sam is ecstatic when Jessica tells him she left Spike 
and asks to return home permanently. Kay and Miguel 
wonder who set him up and why. Miguel encourages her 
to dump Fox. 

Theresa's blackmailer calls to tell her that she didn't 
follow the his instructions, he is having Miguel and 
Luis' trial dates moved up. 

Ethan scoffs at the idea the blackmailer has the much 
power until he receives a call from Judge Reilly. 
Jessica's worry turns to happiness when she learns she's 
pregnant. Though her dream of becoming a mother is 
finally coming true, having Spike's child means it will 
be impossible to get him out of her life. 

When Ethan tries to get Luis' murder trial moved out of 
Harmony, and out of the blackmailer's reach, Judge Reilly 
denies the motion. He too is at the mercy of the black-

Kay promises Miguel that she will confess their rela-
tionship to Fox. However Fox eagerly anticipates Miguel's 
imprisonment, believing nothing can stop him and Kay from 
being together. 

Luis and Ethan's bleak situation gets worse: bloodthirsty 
district attorney Grace Nancier is assigned to their case. 
Everyone is stunned to learn that a (biased) jury has 
already been selected and Ethan will not be allowed to 
give an opening statement. 

Chad attacks Vincent when he mistakenly assumes him to be 
threatening Whitney with a knife. Vincent warns Chad that 
the next time he won't be in time to save her.


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