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Publication: CBS Soaps
Final Issue

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             AS THE DIAL TURNS - CBS Soaps               
                  Tuesday, April 17, 2007


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Here's what's going to happen next on AS THE WORLD TURNS: 

Lucinda is cold leaving Lily devastated. Meg reveals to
Paul she's on a mission to bring Craig down. 

Here's what just happened on AS THE WORLD TURNS: 

When Vienna is upset at the thought that she won't have 
a bridesmaid, Henry suggests they hold off the wedding 
until Vienna's best friend can attend. 

Maddie arrives, and is thrown to learn that Vienna and 
Henry are getting married. Vienna declares Maddie will 
be her maid of honor, and that they can get married right 

Later, Henry is invited to a high-stakes poker game, and 
misses his tux fitting. When Brad offers to stand in for
Henry at the fitting, Katie thinks Brad looks hot. A 
look passes between them just as Jack enters and sees. 

Later, Henry is arrested at the poker game. Kate is 
touched when Jack lets Henry go and we see that Henry's 
reluctance to get married is surfacing. When Brad brings 
a stripper to Henry's bachelor party, Katie throws her 

Seeing Henry's lack of enthusiasm, Katie wonders if he's 
going to go through with the marriage and promises to 
stand by him whatever he decides. At the wedding, Vienna 
says her vows, but when it's Henry's turn he finally 
admits he can't go through with it. 

Henry tells Vienna that he doesn't love her the way she 
deserves and exits leaving Vienna devastated. Emma and 
Brad find Vienna, in her wedding dress, drunk and wonder-
ing who will kiss the bride. When Katie arrives and offers 
to help Jack soothe Vienna, Vienna blames Katie for ruining 
her life. 

Meanwhile, Brad tricks Henry into coming out of hiding, 
but Henry asks Brad to let him go asking Brad to use his 
wiles to make Vienna forget all about Henry.


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Here's what's coming up next on GUIDING LIGHT:

Cassie tells Rick there's a chance Beth is carrying his 
baby, not Alan's. Daisy tells Gus she's in love with him.

Here's what just happened on GUIDING LIGHT:

Cyrus demands that Dinah meet with Finch from the Caymans 
Island bank, and pretend she's Vanessa to transfer the 
money to Cyrus. Dinah is about to back out on the plan, 
when Cyrus hands her a wig to make her look just like 

After she transfers the money, Cyrus pulls Dinah in for a 
kiss. Mallet shows up saying the cops alerted him to the 
transfer to Vanessa's account. Dinah's startled when Matt 
confesses to Dinah that he dipped into the company funds 
to woo investors and never replaced the money or told 

Dinah worries when the bank calls Mallet, wanting to speak 
to both of them about Cyrus. Dinah and Mallet are shocked 
to learn Cyrus listed them as references. 

Mallet wants to call the FBI, but Dinah stops him by tell-
ing him the truth about Matt. Cyrus pockets a transfer note 
from a Cayman's bank to the Springfield bank, when it seems 
as Marina has caught him. 

Cyrus tells Marina he's going to the bank to open up a bank
account. Marina thinks Cyrus should take a room at the 
boardinghouse and he agrees to take the room next to Marina's. 

Alan turns on Alan-Michael and says that the real Alan is 
back, and is ready to take helm at Spaulding again. Alan 
throws him out of the house. Alan finds Doris and promises 
to keep the fact that Ashlee shot him a secret-if she 
promises to get out of his life at once. 

Rick tells Beth that even though Alan is awake, they should 
still be together. Beth is adamant that she and Rick can't 
be, but that doesn't mean they can't meet later for a little 



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Here's what's coming up next on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: 

Taylor tells Nick that she is nervous to take the 
pregnancy test. Nick affirms his commitment to Taylor. 

Here's what just happened on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: 

Taylor accuses of Brooke of trying to ruin her happiness 
with Nick. Brooke believes that Nick will come back to 
her. Their fight escalates until Nick breaks the two of 
them up. 

Stephanie tells Nick that Ridge made the mistake of 
leaving Taylor and he shouldn't do the same. Ridge 
confides in Felicia and says that things are over 
between him and Brooke because she went back to Nick. 

Brooke tells Rick that she's resigning from Forrester 
Originals because she wants to increase her chances 
with Nick. Rick is shocked to hear that Ashley 
originally contacted Forrester Originals for work. 

Ashley and Ridge discuss their respective hurts from 
losing relationships. Rick lets Ashley and Ridge out 
of the closet and after Ridge leaves, confronts Ashley 
about letting him assume that Forrester Originals 
contacted her first. 

Brooke kisses Nick but he firmly tells her to stop. 
Rick tells Ashley that he loves Phoebe and doesn't want 
to cheat on her. Ashley and Ridge discuss new beginnings 
and kiss. 

Phoebe and Rick get ready to go out on their first public 
date. Phoebe is disheartened when Rick tells her that 
Brooke is going after Nick. Rick and Phoebe fight over 
Brooke's motives around Nick. 

Later, Rick tells Ashley that he will come by her hotel 
to pick up some notes. Stephanie tells Brooke to stop 
trying to destroy Nick and Taylor's relationship.


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Here's what's coming up next on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: 

Sharon describes what a great friend Dru was to her. 
Olivia bids good-bye to the family. 

Here's what just happened on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: 

At a roadside restaurant near the photo shoot location, 
the police have set up their command post. Colleen, Lily, 
Daniel, Devon and Neil are awaiting news about whether 
Dru has been found when Phyllis arrives. 

Neil demands that Phyllis tell him exactly what transpired 
at the edge of the cliff that led to Dru's accident and 
how Dru fell over, knowing that Phyllis had something to 
do with it. 

Phyllis tells Neil her account. Lily borrows Daniel's cell 
phone to take a photo of the memorial that has been set up 
and is shocked to find a picture of a woman's breasts. 

Daniel covers, saying that someone at school probably 
took the photo as a joke. 

At the hospital, Sharon tells Neil the whole story of 
what happened at the photo shoot, revealing that Phyllis 
was trying to blackmail her because she found out that 
she had a one-night stand with Brad. 

Neil is disgusted by Phyllis' actions, and Sharon reveals 
that she told Dru about it, but that Dru never revealed 
her secret. Phyllis enters and Neil storms out. Phyllis 
tells Sharon that she will never tell Jack or Victoria 
about her affair with Brad because too many people have 
already been hurt. 

Gloria and Kevin watch the security camera on Kevin's 
computer as Michael conducts a meeting with Kay, Jill, 
Cane and Amber in which he instructs them on how to keep 
their secrets and personal information out of the press. 


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                    Antonio Sabato Jr.
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