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Publication: ABC Soaps
Final Issue

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               AS THE DIAL TURNS - ABC Soaps
                   Monday, April 16, 2007


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Here's what's coming up next on ALL MY CHILDREN: 

Bianca asks Josh to help her persuade Zoe to take a chance 
with her. Aidan and Jonathan's attitude toward Ava sets 
off Di.

Here's what just happened on ALL MY CHILDREN: 

Babe and Krystal are a bundle of emotions as they pack 
their things to move out of the Chandler mansion. JR makes 
one last attempt to get Babe to change her mind and give 
him another chance, but she doesn't budge. 

Josh denies JR's accusation that he went after a company
that Chandler Enterprise had been pursuing but does tell 
him who was behind the aggressive move. 

Instead of helping Krystal through her labor pains, a 
heartless Adam walks away. Krystal cries out for help and, 
thankfully, Colby shows up. Colby panics in a very big 
way, but Krystal gets her to calm down and convinces her 
she can help deliver the baby. Colby pulls herself together 
and helps deliver Krystal's little baby daughter. 

JR and Babe get wind of and are repulsed by Adam's ghastly
behavior when Krystal went into labor. Jonathan thinks he's 
seeing things when he meets Ava, who, personality-wise, is 
Lily's polar opposite.

JR helps Babe and their son move into the Valley Inn and 
tells Adam he is no longer embraced as Little Adam's grand-
father. Zoe is overly cautious about moving forward with 
Bianca, which angers Bianca. Her temper eventually wanes 
but there's still so many things the two of them leave 


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Here's what's coming up next on GENERAL HOSPITAL: 

Sonny is rushed to the hospital. Alcazar comes clean to Skye.

Here's what just happened on GENERAL HOSPITAL: 

Unable to convince Michael to open the door, Sonny and 
Carly are stuck together in the attic and talk about 
their past. They're millimeters from a kiss when Michael 
finally lets them out, apologizes and asks if his plan 

Carly rushes to call Jax to explain but is startled when 
Amelia answers Jax's phone and says that his hands are 
full at the moment. 

After Carly explains to Jax what Michael did, they kiss 
and make up.

Mr. Craig brings Alexis and Kristina to GH, where he sits 
with the little girl as her mom gets treated for dehy-

When Patrick approaches, Craig successfully fakes a French 
accent then takes off when Robin agrees to watch Kristina. 

Carly's furious when reporters confront her and the boys, 
asking how she feels about Sonny buying his former mistress, 
Sam, a career. 

Jax handles the press and calls the head of the station, 
threatening to pull his money out if they don't back off 
Carly. Sam is unnerved when her show's set resembles a 
bedroom from her past, which is the same bedroom furniture 
Amelia reveals her father once had.

Sonny takes the boys to dinner, where they're confronted 
by paparazzi asking rude questions about Sonny and Sam. 

Skye overhears Alcazar on the phone ordering Sonny and 
Jason's hit and realizes he's been = lying to her all along. 

Later, Jason and Sonny dive for cover as Alcazar's gunmen 
riddle the Cellar with bullets. 


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Here's what's coming up next on ONE LIFE TO LIVE: 

Rex arranges to head to Chicago. Nash finally finds a 
bawling Jessica in the quarry. 

Here's what just happened on ONE LIFE TO LIVE: 

Rex covers his worry when Layla mention that Todd is 
following a lead to Chicago, where he's hoping to find 
his missing son. 

Although Blair understands where Starr is coming from, she 
asks her daughter to not be so hard on Todd because he's 
going through something pretty tough.

After calming Jack's fears that his father will dump them 
all to start a family with Evangeline, Blair hops on the 
same flight to Chicago that Todd is on. 

Jessica refuses to admit to Nash that she wants to be with 
him and holds firm with her resolution to stay with Antonio. 

Unable to accept her decision, Nash says he's leaving 
Llanview for good and gives her a giant farewell kiss. 
Rocked by his passionate smooch, Jessica is a mass of con-
fused feelings as he prepares to leave town.

John assures Marty that the problems with her relationship 
with Cole will pass. Still, she can't help but wonder why 
her son feels more comfortable opening up to John than to 
his own mother. 

At the same time, Marcie tells Cole she'll write him a 
letter of recommendation for the team if he does her a 

Once on the road, a distraught Jessica chucks the car and 
collapses in tears in the rain. A worried Nash finds her 
car but becomes alarmed when he realizes she's nowhere in 
Antonio puts Cristian in the hot seat when he asks what 
is going on between Jessica and Nash.



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                       This Week:
                     Michael Easton
        plays John McBain on One Life to Live



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