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Bo and Hope Celebrate

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                AS THE DIAL TURNS - NBC Soaps
                 Wednesday, January 10, 2007


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Mimi gives Abe the gold band she found in the skeleton's 
pocket. Bo and Hope celebrate their new baby daughter, 
while trying to comfort Marlena. 


Roman asks if Sami saw anything when she was trying to 
flag a ride to the hospital with Lucas. Sami lies and 
doesn't tell her father that she helped EJ escape. 

Steve has a profound reaction to the tarot card Benjy 
gave him but he downplays in front of Kayla. Marlena 
is furious with John for lying to her and endangering 
his life. 

Sami assures her mother that John loves her and will 
fight with everything in him to come back to her. Abe 
reassures a shaken Lexie that Roman was just doing his 
job when he "interrogated" her regarding what she 
witnessed at the boathouse. 

Abe also informs Lexie that he's losing his vision and 
worries about Lexie having to take care of him. Chelsea 
asks Maggie for a waitressing job at Chez Rouge. Maggie 
hires her on a trial basis. 

Nick heads to the Lockhart home to tell Chelsea the truth; 
that he's 'Lonely Splicer.' Billie is there, having just 
read Steve's 'Dear John' letter and downed a bottle of 
red wine. The two 'lost souls' commiserate and begin to 
make love. 

Meanwhile, at Chez Rouge, as Chelsea auditions for a wait-
ressing job, Willow shows up and says this is her job.  
Maggie breaks up the near fight. Maggie agrees to give 
Willow her job back if she trains Chelsea. Willow sabo-
tages Chelsea and Chelsea is fired. 

Sami and Lucas are reunited in the hospital, where Sami 
continues to lie about saving Lucas all by herself.  
Kate doesn't believe it. Lexie meets with Tek to find out 
if he's sure it was EJ he saw shoot John. 


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Fancy has difficulty sleeping. Theresa's heart skips a 
beat when she sees that Gwen returned her wedding ring 
to Ethan.  


Fancy seethes over Sheridan's suggestion that she stay
away from Luis.  Thinking she has convinced Fancy to 
stop dating Luis, Sheridan is pleased with herself.  

As she celebrates the new year with Chris, Sheridan fant-
asizes he is Luis.  As they discuss Chad's infidelity, 
Theresa wonders: if Whitney didn't really know Chad, 
does she really know Jared?  

Chad and Jared size each other up, each wondering if the 
other murdered J.T. Cornell.  Against Jared's advice, 
Chad goes to see Whitney, who does not want to see him.  

Fox takes Kay for a romantic getaway.  Kay swoons when 
Fox gives her a gorgeous wedding dress.  Miguel shows 
up at Tabitha's to find Kay.  He tells Tabitha about 
Fox's "illness."  Tabitha wants to tell him everything, 
but Endora is determined her mum will keep mum.  

Sam dreams of making love to Grace, but is stunned when
he awakens to find Ivy in his bed.  He angrily demands 
she leave him alone. Plagued by thoughts of Miguel, Kay 
unenthusiastically prepares for her wedding to Fox.  

Meanwhile, Miguel returns at Tabitha's frantically look-
ing for Kay, wanting to expose Fox's lies. Luis rushes 
into Fancy's bedroom when she has a nightmare about her 

Fancy puts up a brave front and urges Luis to attend Fox 
and Kay's wedding downstairs. Gwen is livid when Ethan 
calls out Theresa's name in his sleep.  Realizing he was 
dreaming about making love to Theresa, a fed-up Gwen 
throws her wedding ring at Ethan and storms out.


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