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Publication: NBC Soaps
Victors Land Holdings

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                AS THE DIAL TURNS - NBC Soaps
                 Wednesday, December 27, 2006


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Mimi and Max almost kiss, but Mimi pulls back. Abby, 
Chelsea, and Stephanie check Victor's land holdings. 


Marlena visits a sick Stefano and demands to know who EJ 
really is. Stefano's shaky hand points to a photo of Susan 
Banks with her newborn son. Marlena realizes EJ is Elvis 
Jr., Stefano's son! 

John shoots his way in and demands to know what Stefano 
has ordered EJ to do next. Stefano drops a tarot card on 
the floor - the death card. 

Bo learns Steve has his memory back and enlists his old 
friend's help to investigate Victor. The two disable the 
Kiriakis security system, break into the mansion, and 
find evidence that Philip was here. Bo and Roman theorize 
that Max and Mimi got a little too close to Victor's 

Meanwhile, we see Max and Mimi tied together, imprisoned 
in a church basement. Max and Mimi are tied up together 
in the basement of an abandoned church. Their intimacy 
breeds a lot of sexual tension. They manage to escape 
their bonds and realize there's no escape but they've 
been left some food and some very basic necessities. 

John and Marlena tell Abe, Bo and Roman about their dis-
covery that EJ is Stefano's son and John reveals the death 
card Stefano gave him. 

Meanwhile, Lucas wants Sami to go to the police regarding 
EJ's phone call. Sami agrees and is surprised when Bo, Abe 
and Roman ask her to con EJ. Sami agrees despite Lucas' 


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Chad worries his jealous lover will try to ruin the 
ceremony.  An emotional Luis begs Fancy to wake up.


Fox coaches the Miguel and Charity imposters as they stage 
a phone call for Kay to overhear.  Kay is crushed as 
"Miguel" declares his love for "Charity," but resigns him-
self to be with Kay for the sake of Maria.  

Meanwhile, the real Charity promises to help Miguel with 
Kay, but doesn't want to return to Harmony. After much 
hesitation, Whitney finally agrees to marry Chad. Gwen 
worries that J.T. will decide to blackmail her again.  

But Rebecca tells her you can't get blood from a stone.  
She assures Gwen that J.T. will leave town as soon as he 
has all his blackmail money.  When Rebecca calls J.T. to 
find out when he is leaving, he tells her that he can 
stay after all! 

Tabitha tries to tell Kay of Fox's deception, but Endora 
once again stops her with magic.  Tabitha also worries 
about a holiday visit from a homicidal Norma and Mrs. 

Noah, Paloma and Jessica decorate Tabby's house, but a 
depressed Jessica isn't quite in the mood.  Kay continues 
to hurt over Miguel's apparent betrayal. Kay becomes 
increasingly agitated with Miguel's claims that he doesn't 
know why Kay is mad.  

At the wharf, Jessica is shocked when she sees the Miguel 
imposter peel off his mask.  She gives an audible gasp, 
causing the imposters to flee.  Fox begins to sweat when 
Jessica returns to announce she has seen a fake Miguel 
and Charity. 


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