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Publication: ABC Soaps
Babe Confesses

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                AS THE DIAL TURNS - ABC Soaps
                   Monday, December 18, 2006

Here's what's coming up next on ALL MY CHILDREN: 

Jonathan removes Erin's things from her office space at 
Fusion. JR opens up to Colby and admits that he's still 
in love with Babe.

Here's what just happened on ALL MY CHILDREN: 

An emotionally distraught Babe confesses her feelings to 
JR and points out that neither of them is faultless in 
their marriage. 

Wanting desperately to be one big happy family again, 
she asks him if they can patch up their marriage. Think-
ing about her heartbreak with Jonathan, Amanda tells 
Josh it will be almost impossible for him to get over 
Babe. Josh is absolutely horrified to find Erin dead on 
the roof at Fusion. He rushes to the Chandler mansion to 
see if Babe is okay and winds up ruining what was on the 
verge of becoming a Babe/JR reconciliation. 

Jonathan is devastated by the news and starts to accuse 
everyone in sight at ConFusion of killing Erin. A jealous 
Kendall tries to discourage Annie from pursuing Ryan by 
telling her that Ryan is only into her because she reminds 
him of Greenlee. 

At the Valley Inn, a delusional Jeff thinks he and Erica 
are on their honeymoon. Although still committed to Jack, 
her feelings for Jeff both deepen and begin to surface. 
Worried that the girls are in danger, Zach protests when 
Kendall and Bianca head to Fusion. 

Josh insists on accompanying Babe to the Fusion office 
because he's concerned for her safety. JR hides his worry 
as Dixie attempts to force a confession that he still 
loves Babe.


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Here's what's coming up next on GENERAL HOSPITAL: 

Sam decides to move back in with Jason and hopes to have 
his baby ASAP. Carly tells Jax she's going to the island 
to bring Sonny home.

Here's what just happened on GENERAL HOSPITAL: 

Jason's fake ID fools the cop that pulled them over and 
they find Spinelli's grandma's house. Jason plays along 
when Grandma Miriam assumes Lulu's pregnant with Spinelli's 
baby. Spinelli peeks inside to see Jason and Lulu, who 
can't take Miriam's pride in the fact that Lulu didn't 
have an abortion. 

Carly has it out with Sonny, defends her love for Jax, but 
Sonny's words somehow hit home with her. Sonny vents to 
Mike, who feels Sonny can only blame himself for losing 

Ric admits to an unseen priest in a confessional that he 
plans to win Liz back. Alcazar tells Skye that he'll used 
the flash drive and recordings proving Ric framed Sam to 
blackmail Ric into doing as he says. Flattered Georgie 
agrees to be Pete's research assistant for a book he's 

Maxie is busted when Lucky learns she hasn't been to the 
OB/GYN in weeks and is forced to steal another ultrasound. 
Jason and Spinelli are released when the flash drive dis-
appears from the PCPD. 

Ric's angry to discover Alcazar stole the flash drive and 
plans to blackmail him with it. Spinelli hacks into the 
system from his laptop as Dillon joins Lulu, sees what 
they're up to and can't help but think that what they're 
doing looks like fun.


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Here's what's coming up next on ONE LIFE TO LIVE: 

Spencer lashes out in a big way against Todd. Starr and 
Langston have a rather loud "disagreement" about Cole.

Here's what just happened on ONE LIFE TO LIVE: 

Bo pieces together what he knows of Spencer "escape" and 
starts to believe that he was abducted by someone who 
wanted to do him harm. 

Blair discovers that she is, indeed, pregnant and prays 
to God that the child isn't Spencer's. Without coming out 
and saying that Tommy's biological father is Todd, Rex 
hands over the boy's medical history to Marcie and Michael.

Spencer begins to crack under Todd's water torture and 
envisions Blair in the chamber with him. Meanwhile, Blair 
has a DNA test to find out if the baby she's carrying is 
Todd's or Spencer's. 

John is strangely cool and collected when he finds out 
that Spencer wasn't sentenced to prison. Jessica try to 
fill Nash's cottage with the yuletide spirit but he gets 
angry and tells her to stop running his life. 

Antonio figures is it out that Nash is behaving as such 
because he misses Tess. Antonio and Jessica offer to help 
him get over Tess by fixing him up with a friend, but he 
adamantly declines. Antonio acts as a sympathetic sounding 
board when Claudia confesses that she has fallen off the 

Rex gives Dorian a piece of his mind, insisting she stop 
butting into Adriana's life. Dorian digests what Rex has 
to say and makes it clear she wants Adriana to allow her 
back in her life.


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                     Forbes March
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