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Publication: NBC Soaps
Plastic Surgeon Meeting

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                AS THE DIAL TURNS - NBC Soaps
                 Wednesday, December 6, 2006


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Victor meets with a plastic surgeon from Quebec. Victor 
vows he'll help his son get his life back. 


Looking at the photos taken pf EJ's safe deposit box con-
tents, Celeste reads the tarot cards to Roman, Abe and Bo. 
She explains that they were sent to EJ as instructions 
concerning the gloved hand crimes. 

The Bradys and their friends are targets. Abe asks point
blank if EJ is a DiMera? Celeste swallows her fear and 
admits he is. 

Bo interrupts an intimate moment between Willow and Shawn. 
Bo warns his son about EJ, but his warning falls on deaf 
ears, and Shawn kicks Bo out. 

Meanwhile, Belle admits to Marlena that she has been dis-
tant with Shawn. Marlena thinks Belle needs to reach out 
to Shawn for Claire's sake. Belle calls Shawn and invites 
him over to see Claire, and Shawn says he'll be right there! 

Willow fumes as Shawn takes off. But when he gets to the 
penthouse, Belle is gone. 

Meanwhile, Mimi and Max find the news photographer who 
took the shot of Philip shipping out. They find out the 
Marine who looks like Philip also has a missing leg, but 
the photographer tells them the Marine's name was Andrew 
Spivey. Mimi and Max call Belle and she races out to meet 

Back at the penthouse, Marlena urges Shawn not to give up 
on Belle. But Shawn doubts they have a future. He goes home 
to Willow, turns off his cell phone, and they make love. 


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Fancy and Luis share urgent kisses in the park. Theresa 
tells stung Ethan she doesn't want to hear what he has to say. 


Tabitha passes out after the magic bowl reveals that 
Charity is in town. 

Miguel extracts a promise from Kay that she will break 
up with Fox that night. Devious Fox keeps Charity hidden 
until the moment is right. Kay corners Fox, telling him 
she needs to talk to him immediately. Fox looks for a 
way to stall until he can reveal Charity. 

Fancy tells Paloma she overheard Luis say that the only 
woman he could love is Sheridan. When Luis arrives at the 
wedding shower, Fancy avoids him. 

Chad asks Whitney to marry him right away, but she refuses. 
She admits she's rattled off her encounter with the for-

Whitney steels herself as she finally confronts Chad about 
Rebecca spotting him naked at the Safari Motel. 

Despite their passionate kiss, Jared informs Theresa he 
still intends to leave town. Kay is hurt as she watches 
Miguel and Charity kiss. 

Fox is pleased his plan is working. Fox and Julian watch 
as Kay cries to Simone about Miguel's betrayal. Guilt 
ridden Fox wants to come clean to Kay but Julian reminds 
him to keep his eyes on the prize. 

Simone suggests that Kay confront Miguel and Charity to 
find out what is going on. 

Terrified J.T. fires bullets blindly at a figure outside 
his apartment. He is shocked when he sees bloody and 
possibly dead Rebecca in the hallway. 


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