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Publication: NBC Soaps
Victor Takes a Vow

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               AS THE DIAL TURNS - NBC Soaps
                 Wednesday, November 29, 2006


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Victor meets with a plastic surgeon from Quebec. Victor 
vows he'll help his son get his life back. 


Bo and John fake legal documents with Frankie's help so 
they can access EJ's safe deposit box. While EJ is accus-
ing Abe and the Salem P.D. of planting surveillance in 
his apartment, Bo and John work to find out what he's 
hiding at the bank. 

Abe tells EJ they know he has a connection to the DiMeras. 
When Abe is called away, EJ sees that his bank records are 
being monitored and he takes off for the bank. 

At Chez Rouge, a drunk Tek harasses Lexie. When things get 
out of hand, the bartender calls Abe. Abe arrives and Tek 
taunts him about his marriage and Lexie. Abe fires Tek, 
then punches him out, and sends him home. 

Later, Hope meets up with Lexie and offers her a job caring 
for Kayla and Steve. Lexie, touched, gratefully accepts. 
Sami and Lucas are in the midst of consummating their 
passion when Sami questions him about his feelings. 

Lucas admits he wants more from Sami than just sex. Sami 
thinks they should wait to see where their feelings take 
them before they make love. Bo interrupts an intimate 
moment between Willow and Shawn. Bo warns his son about 
EJ, but his warning falls on deaf ears, and Shawn kicks 
Bo out. 

Meanwhile, Belle admits to Marlena that she has been dis-
tant with Shawn. Marlena thinks Belle needs to reach out 
to Shawn for Claire's sake. Marlena urges Shawn not to 
give up on Belle. But Shawn doubts they have a future. He 
goes home to Willow, turns off his cell phone, and they 
make love. 


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Jared tells Ethan he is an idiot for letting Theresa go. 
Ivy attempts to reconcile with Sam, but he angrily turns 
her away. 


Miguel convinces Kay that she has to come clean to Fox, 
even if he is dying. Fox tells nervous Charity that he 
can't wait to see how Miguel and Kay react to seeing her. 
He gives her a sexy dress to wear in hopes of luring Miguel 
away from Kay. 

At the hospital Chris tells James that if Luis asks about 
the identity of "the man" at the mansion, James should 
pretend he doesn't know. In the hallway, Luis asks Sher-
idan if she is really happy with Chris but they are in-
terrupted by the arrival of Chris and James. 

The group visits recovering Fancy. When Fancy tells Luis 
she remembers hearing a voice in the cave, Chris tenses. 

Theresa tells stunned Ethan that Little Ethan is his son! 
Ethan tells her that it would be cruel to keep a secret 
like that and asks if she is lying. 

Whitney confides to Theresa that she's thinking of calling 
off her wedding to Chad. She just can't shake her suspi-
cions about Chad having an affair. A recuperating Fancy 
begins to doubt she heard Luis declare his love for her. 
Fancy misunderstands when she overhears Luis telling Ethan 
that Sheridan is the only woman he could ever love. 

Tabitha thinks she sees Charity at the house. The horrified 
witch fears she and Endora are about to be destroyed. Fox 
is incensed as he watches Kay and Miguel make love in the 
living room. Before Fox can attack Miguel, Julian pulls 
his son aside and warns him to play it smart. 

Fox prepares to spring Charity on the secret lovers.


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