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Publication: CBS Soaps
Brooke Tells Ridge

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              AS THE DIAL TURNS - CBS Soaps               
                  Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Here's what's going to happen next on AS THE WORLD TURNS: 

Jade invites Luke to the Lakeview for a bite. Lily finds 
Holden's shirts with lipstick on the collar.

Here's what just happened on AS THE WORLD TURNS: 

Under oath, Lucy admits she was kidnapped but after much 
thought she decides she can't be sure it was her father. 
Craig smiles and Dusty is stunned. 

An irked Judge questions whether the purpose of this hear-
ing relates to Craig's custody case for Johnny. 

Dusty quietly urges her to tell the truth, but the judge 
dismisses the case with prejudice and Craig is free to go. 
Dusty confronts Lucy, but she maintains she did it to save 
Dusty's life. Dusty insists that now Lucy's made it poss-
ible for Craig to hurt him in the worst possible way, 
by taking Johnny. Dusty arrives home, unlocks a drawer, 
and takes out a gun. 

Emily and Barbara are shocked at the outcome of Craig's 
trial, but Meg is not surprised. Meanwhile, when Craig sees 
further proof Meg and Paul are having problems, he advises 
Meg to set her wedding date as soon as possible and not let 
anything get between her and Paul. 

Later, Lucy arrives and sees Dusty holding a gun. He vows 
to protect Johnny but won't divulge his specific plan. Lucy
makes an impassioned plea and Dusty is almost won over 
until he learns Craig plans to sue him for sole custody of 

Barbara learns of Craig's custody petition, and Dusty asks 
for her help. Dusty vows to resolve things with Craig before 
the day is out and leaves with a loaded gun. 

Lucy in a panic, tells Emily about Dusty's gun who in turn 
warns Craig.


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Here's what's coming up next on GUIDING LIGHT:

Alan is disappointed that Alex has decided not to help 
lure Lizzie. Jon and Reva arrive with pizza.

Here's what just happened on GUIDING LIGHT: 

When Ava shows up at Jeffrey's door, he awkwardly tries 
to talk to her but she tells him she doesn't want or need 
him in her life. 

Buzz postpones his proposal when he can't get Olivia's 
mind off Jeffrey. Olivia bumps into Jeffrey and they begin 
to argue. Ava stumbles upon the fight and blasts the two 
for arguing all the time. Without going into details, Buzz 
and Ava bond over their day's disappointments. 

Dinah wonders if she and Mallet aren't ready for the real 
world after being huddled indoors for two days. Harley 
gets in trouble at the fertility clinic when she tries to 
help Gus get a specimen. Soon after, Dinah calls Gus and 
Harley to help celebrate her reunion with Mallet. 

When Gus and Mallet write notes to their respective ladies, 
they get switched and Dinah ends up kissing Gus and Harley
ends up with Mallet. 

Beth's plan to get Rick alone in order to "discuss the 
clinic" is thwarted when he brings Mel with him to repre-
sent him as his lawyer. Beth poses a question to Mel: 
hasn't she ever thought about having an affair? 

And prompted by Beth's provoking, she calls Jeffrey. 

Alan Michael laughs at Alan's suggestion to spend Thanks-
giving with him and the rest of the family, but eventually 
agrees. Alan gives Alex a "sudden" trip to an Arizona Spa, 
to lure Lizzie to Thanksgiving dinner. 

Alexandra thinks Alan will only push Lizzie and everyone 
else further away by tricking them, but Alan is sure his 
plan will work. 



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Here's what's coming up next on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: 

Brooke tells Ridge that she wants to be with him... forever.
Stephanie is furious to learn that Eric gave up the com-

Here's what just happened on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: 

Taylor is found not guilty of vehicular manslaughter. The
family is overjoyed and everyone celebrates. Taylor is re-
united with Alexandra. 

After everyone leaves, Thorne asks Taylor to marry him 
even though he doesn't have a ring. She says yes and they 
make love. 

Nick tells Donna that he will be running Forrester Crea-
tions or Stephanie will be going to jail. Donna is unsure 
if Nick is being fair. Eric holds a meeting with his 
children about whether or not to sell Forrester Creations 
to Nick. He also tells them that if they sell, they need 
to sign a non-compete clause, which leaves them out of the 
fashion business for ten years. The children are upset and 
Ridge refuses to sign. 

Nick would like to run Forrester with Brooke but she tells
Nick that she can't run the company without the Forresters 
and pleads with him not to take the company away from them. 

As Eric is about to sign the papers, Brooke stops him and 
pleads with Nick one more time. Stephanie visits Jackie and 
tells her that Jackie will never have her company. 

Eric gets Nick to take out the non-compete clause of the 
contract. Everyone unhappily signs the papers. Brooke sur-
prises Nick by also signing away her shares of the stock 
to him. 


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Here's what's coming up next on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: 

Sharon leaves in a hurry. Jack sits at home alone until he 
is startled by a vision of John.

Here's what just happened on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: 

At the hospital, Dru, Neil, and Devon arrive as Devon is 
going to undergo surgery for his cochlear implant. As he 
is prepped and about to go into the emergency room, two 
police officers arrive and arrest Devon for Carmen's mur-

Dru impresses to the police that Devon must have this 
surgery, but Dr. Lawton reveals the surgery isn't life 
threatening, and he allows the police to continue with 
the arrest. 

At Newman, Phyllis gets an envelope from a messenger and 
opens it before she realizes was meant for Sharon. Phyllis 
sees the photos Jack had chose for the new layout. Ji Min 
runs into Phyllis, who shows him the pictures she had in 
mind, and he and Phyllis find Jack. Ji Min tells Jack that 
he is going to use Phyllis' photo selection for the Asia 
market, and more conservative photos will be utilized for 
the American market. 

Jack opposes his idea, but eventually gives in. Once 
Phyllis leaves the room, Ji Min and Jack congratulate each 
other on their good acting job and feel that this will at 
least temporarily dispel suspicions that they are working 

Jack and Sharon join Kay and Jill for an early holiday 
dinner. The visit is going well until they get on the 
topic of Carmen's murder investigation. 


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