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Publication: NBC Soaps
Kayla Seeks Solace

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                AS THE DIAL TURNS - NBC Soaps
                 Wednesday, November 22, 2006


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John says he'll use any means necessary to get into EJ's 
safety deposit box. Tek goes to Chez Rouge and starts 
drinking heavily.


On the way to Canada to pick up the antidote for Kayla, 
Marlena and John's plane loses altitude. Marlena insists 
they need to lighten the load, so she parachutes out. 
Frantic John lands in Ottawa, picks up the serum, and 
demands a full search for Marlena. Turns out she's landed 
in the snow and is stranded with an injured ankle. 

Meanwhile, a distraught John prepares to bring the serum 
back to Salem, and Marlena is faced with a terrifying 
stranger wielding an axe. Kayla again has difficulty 
breathing, and at best has only hours to live. 

Steve encourages a weakening Kayla by making her recite 
a reading from their second wedding. During this, Steve 
has flashbacks of that wedding and also of his first kiss 
with Kayla. Suddenly, Kayla flat-lines. The medical team
tries to revive her, but they finally pronounce her dead. 

The Bradys, watching outside the quarantine unit, are 
devastated. Steve refuses to accept defeat and places a 
deep kiss on her lips, which revives her! Bo then arrives 
with the medication, which is administered to Kayla. 
Everyone is buoyed by Kayla's miraculous recovery and 
the fact that she doesn't reject the new drug. 

Doctor Myers tells Steve how important he is to Kayla's 
health and suggests he be there for her full time.


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Kay seeks solace from Tabitha about her complicated love life. 
Julian informs Ethan he now wants full custody of Little Ethan. 


Miguel pushes Kay to tell Fox the wedding is off, but she 
can't bring herself to hurt her "dying" fiancé. Meanwhile, 
Fox places a mysterious call to track someone down. 

Later, a manipulative Fox asks Miguel to be his best man. 

Gwen is filled with dread as Theresa parades J.T. into 
the B&B to tell Ethan the truth. Ethan implores J.T. to 
tell him Theresa's secret. J.T. denies he knows what she's 
hiding and Theresa insists there is no secret. Gwen be-
comes angry that Theresa is keeping quiet. Theresa reminds 
Gwen about the tabloid scandal, but Ethan comes to his 
wife's defense. 

Later, Gwen asks J.T. why he lied to Luis struggles to 
keep a weak Fancy from losing consciousness. Paloma ob-
serves Sheridan's torment and urges her to admit her 
feelings to Luis. 

Sam and Chris return and manage to rescue Luis and Fancy. 
Luis tells Paloma he thinks he has a future with Fancy. 
Remembering Sheridan's outburst at the caves, Paloma gent-
ly probes Luis: does he still love Sheridan? At the hos-
pital, Fancy gushes about Luis saving her. 

Upset Sheridan tells her she doesn't want to hear about it. 
Fancy asks her aunt to let Luis go. Whitney tells Theresa 
about Rebecca's claim that Chad is having an affair. 
Theresa dismisses the information and encourages her friend 
to hang on to the man she loves. 


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