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Publication: NBC Soaps
Scam Queen

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               AS THE DIAL TURNS - NBC Soaps
                 Wednesday, November 15, 2006


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Mimi tells Patrick that Bonnie had to be the one who took 
his money. Patrick interrogates Bonnie, but the scam queen 
remains tight lipped.


Bo and Hope re-establish a sense of intimacy after reliving 
their memories to give to Steve. They're interrupted when 
Patrick comes looking for Hope. 

Bo backs off, not wanting to add to Hope's stress. Hope 
returns to the hospital with a list she thinks might jog 
Steve's memory. She runs into Billie and accidentally 
reveals that Steve bought Billie a necklace. Billie, who's 
been worried because Steve seems to have pulled back from 
her, is thrilled with the news. 

Maggie introduces Abby to Nick Fallon. He's Abby's cousin 
and he'll be living with them for a while. Abby welcomes 
him, but is less than thrilled her new housemate is a total 

Maggie forces Abby to take Nick out dancing. Chelsea meets 
up with them at Dune, and Nick is smitten. Chelsea, however, 
won't even give him the time of day. The bartender bargains 
with Nick saying he'll take Nick's expensive watch in ex-
change for Chelsea's freedom. Nick thinks it's too steep a 
price to pay, so the bartender proposes a wager: Nick has 
to do a fancy bar trick with an olive, and if he succeeds, 
Chelsea can walk free. 

If he fails, though, the bartender gets the watch. Bo figures 
out the significance of the mysterious set of numbers they 
found with Eve Michael's possessions. It turns out they match 
the numbers on Patrick's police badge. 

Bo tries to call Hope to warn her about Patrick, but learns 
they're together at the hospital for her prenatal exam. 


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When Fancy's rope breaks, Luis dives into the shaft after 
her. Rebecca sends Ethan out for tea while she and Gwen 
switch places


Through a long distance phone call, Grace rages at Kay for 
her actions, or lack thereof, regarding Ivy's scheme. Kay 
explains her reasons to astounded Grace. 

Conflicted Miguel explains to his mother that he feels 
ashamed to still love Kay even though she did a terrible 
thing. Pilar asks Miguel to remember that the Church 
teaches forgiveness. 

At the cottage, a sleeping Luis is stricken when he hears 
Fancy calling out for help. Sheridan is upset to witness 
Luis and Fancy's spiritual connection, while Chris feels 
guilty about Fancy's predicament. 

At the cave, an injured Fancy teeters on a ledge in the 
shaft, coming close to plummeting all the way down. As 
Theresa gathers her money, she hears someone enter the 
room and assumes it is her best friend. She joyfully 
tells "Whitney" about her plan to get Ethan back and turns 
around to none other than Jared. 

Theresa explains to crushed Jared that she wanted to love 
him, but Ethan is the only man she ever really loved. 
Gwen and Theresa are livid when they each arrive at J.T.'s 
hotel room and discover that he's playing them against 
each other. J.T. announces that whoever brought him the 
most cash will win his cooperation. 

Theresa and Gwen shake in their boots as J.T. counts up 
their money. 

Meanwhile, Rebecca watches over a sleeping Ethan to make 
sure he doesn't find out his wife is missing. 


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