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Publication: Bass Matters

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><> ><>       BASS MATTERS - November 8, 2006       ><> ><> 


Get almost two hours of the crazy and fun antics of
Tom & Jerry on one DVD. You get 14 of their greatest 
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Tom & Jerry Greatest Chases

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Hello Anglers,

Top 8 Things You Need In Your Fishing Tackle Box:

1) Needlenose Pliers
2) Knife
3) File
4) Toilet Paper
5) Sunscreen
6) Asprin
7) Fingernail Clippers
8) Cigarette Lighter

P.S. You can discuss this issue or any other topic in the new 
Bass Matters forum. Check it out here...

Bass Matters Forum

Enjoy a week of fishing!
email Brock


Fun Foam Putty, Like Floam But 1/2 The Price...

TV Price: $19.99
OUR PRICE: $9.99

You've seen Floam on TV selling for $19.99... we are 
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Fun Foam Putty is an amazing product that allows you to 
roll it, mold it, wear it... use it to cover anything. 

Fun Foam Putty gives you six (6) colored tubs. You get:

  - 1 Orange Colored Tub       - 1 Pink Colored Tub   
  - 1 Blue Colored Tub         - 1 Green Colored Tub
  - 1 Yellow Colored Tub       - 1 Purple Colored Tub

Don't pay $19.99... get more colors for 1/2 the price.
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Fun Foam Putty Like Floam But 1/2 The Price


Freshwater Fishing FAQ

Q. What Is A Shad?

A. Several species of shad like the threadfin and the 
gizzard shad are members of the herring family and are 
popular baitfish in freshwater.

Q. What Is A Bluegill?

A. A bluegill is a sunfish found in most freshwater in 
North America and other places where it has been trans-

Q. What Are the Balls of Jelly Found In Lakes and Ponds?

A. The balls of jelly stuck to sticks in ponds are 
actually colonies of microscopic animals called Bryozoans.

Q. Why Do Fish Have Curved Backs?

A. Lack of Vitamin C, injury when young, birth defects, 
severe changes in temperature while in the egg and para-
sites can all cause this deformity.

Q. How Many Ways Can You Rig A Plastic Worm?

A. Plastic worms can be rigged Texas, Carolina, Jig head, 
drop shot, weightless, split shot and finesse rigs.

Q. Is There Really A One Million Dollar Fishing Lure?

A. Yes, One Million Dollar Fishing Lures do exist. McDaddy 
Lures makes them and the owner even uses them to catch fish.

Q. What Is Finesse Fishing?

A. Finesse fishing is the use of light line and small lures,
usually to tempt fish that are not in a feeding mood or are 
in highly pressured waters.


A PERSONALIZED Letter From Santa...

What could be better than a personalized letter from Santa
to your child?

With three different text versions to send, you won't believe
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Santa will personally include your child's name, hometown,
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It's easy to send, just visit the site, fill out your child's
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SPECIAL BONUS... also included is a special coloring page
of Santa. It will keep them busy while they wait for his
arrival on Christmas.

Get your child the gift that will touch their hearts. Just
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Special Santa Letter For Your Child


        GopherCentral's Question of the Week
Should smoking be made illegal?

     Please take a moment to share your opinion, visit: 

Question of the Week

                  FISHING JOKES CORNER

Two fishermen travel 100 miles to try out a new fishing 
spot. They buy a variety of bait and lures and rent a boat.  
After a long day of fishing, the two fishermen return to 
the dock.  The first fisherman pulls their only catch from 
the live well, a scrawny bass just legal size.  He says, 
"Boy!  This fish cost us about $75."  The second fisherman 
says, "Well it's a good thing we didn't catch any more."

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Sports Bloopers

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