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Publication: CBS Soaps
Temporary Custody

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               AS THE DIAL TURNS - CBS Soaps               
                  Tuesday, November 7, 2006


Here's what's going to happen next on AS THE WORLD TURNS: 

Tom breaks the news that Craig has been granted temporary 
custody rights. Dusty refuses to hand the baby over to 

Here's what just happened on AS THE WORLD TURNS: 

Simon persuades a drunk Vienna to remove the necklace, 
but she refuses. When she finally passes out Simon goes 
for the jewels, only to have her wake up ready to make 

Meanwhile, Jack takes off after Carly upon hearing she's 
left with the Prince. Carly is mortified when Jack pulls 
her and the Prince over and escorts them back to the party. 
Carly tries desperately to preoccupy the Prince, but when 
he's alerted to Vienna's whereabouts he rushes off. Carly 
arrives just as the Prince finds a naked Vienna passed out 
in Simon's bed. 

The Prince's handler removes Vienna still wearing the 
jewels, and Carly blasts Simon for putting her at risk 
for nothing. Meg is called to tend to a sick guest, but 
arrives only to find Craig. She blasts him for his dis-
appearing stunt but is interrupted when he kisses her. 
Furious, she leaves only to have Paul find her disheveled 
and wondering what happened. 

Back at the party, Dusty realizes that Craig has gone 
after Johnny and tears out to protect him only to find 
him safe with Chaz. Later, Dusty leaves Johnny with Lucy 
and goes to find Craig. After they leave, Lucy answers the 
door and finds Craig. Dusty shows up and accuses Craig of 
luring him from the baby and demands his arrest. But Tom 
reveals to everyone that Craig now has a legal right to 
be with Johnny, although Dusty will retain full custody. 

Craig asks to hold Johnny, but Lucy hands the baby to Dusty 
and a calm Craig reminds them that eventually he will be 
with his son. 


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Here's what's coming up next on GUIDING LIGHT:

Ashlee swears she's just an informant, not the real 
blogger. Harley and Gus share an electrifying. 

Here's what just happened on GUIDING LIGHT: 

At the hospital, Billy tells Josh that Reva is dying, 
and he learns the truth about her breast cancer. Billy 
tries to stop Josh from going in, but Josh punches him 
in the face. 

An angry Josh wants answers from Reva. She tells him that 
she didn't want to burden his life with this. Josh tells 
Reva that he's not leaving her side, just as Cassie comes 
in. Josh breaks the news to Cassie. 

Reva tells Cassie and Josh that they must love each other 
and keep the family together when she's gone. Cassie and 
Josh learn that Reva wouldn't marry Billy because she 
wanted to always remain Josh's wife in her heart, and Josh 
sees that Reva is wearing her wedding ring on a necklace. 

Meanwhile, Billy turns to AA to try and quit drinking, for 
Reva's sake and Gus offers support. With Josh and Billy 
fighting, Reva pulls out her IV. Lillian rushes in and tells 
everyone to leave. Reva asks Josh to stay and she reveals 
to him, as Billy reveals to Cassie, that her plan was to 
drive off and kill herself. 

Josh explodes, telling her she had no right. Reva says she 
really wants is for him to say goodbye. He tells her how 
much he loves her and finally says goodbye. Lillian says it 
won't be long. Reva gathers everyone in her room, and starts 
to say her goodbyes. 

As they go in for a 3D sonogram, Jon and Lizzie find out 
the baby is perfectly healthy. We see the new baby, vivid, 
and very much full of life as Reva's monitor begins to flat



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Here's what's coming up next on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: 

Nick corners Stephanie and tries to get her to admit that 
she pushed Jackie. Jackie opens her eyes and gives Eric a 
weak smile.

Here's what just happened on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: 

Ridge brings Brooke into a hospital storage closet to 
have a private moment with her. Ridge passionately kisses 
her and the moment is interrupted by a nurse who instructs 
them to leave. 

Later, Stephanie tells Brooke she should be with Ridge 
because her marriage to Nick is over. Brooke comforts Nick 
as the doctor informs him that Jackie may need surgery to 
relieve the building pressure around her brain. 

Shane is hesitant to talk to Storm and declares that he 
wants to leave town. Phoebe convinces him to stay. Taylor 
is awoken by a bad dream, leaving her with the feeing that 
Phoebe is in trouble. She convinces the guard to let her 
call her daughter. Phoebe tells her mother that everything 
is fine. 

Nick and Stephanie argue leading Brooke to take Nick away 
from Stephanie. Donna and Stephanie then argue about the 
accident and Ridge. Eric visits Jackie and is concerned. 
Eric later tells Stephanie that will pay for all of 
Jackie's medical bills. 

Donna accuses Brooke of protecting Stephanie by not tell-
ing Nick about Stephanie pushing Jackie. Later, Donna 
enters the Forrester office while Stephanie is talking 
badly about her to Ridge, saying that Donna is undermining 
Ridge's efforts to be with Brooke. Ridge goes to Brooke's 
house and tries to kiss her, but she tells him that she 
cannot be with him at this time. 


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Here's what's coming up next on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: 

Devon, Lily and Daniel are served with subpoenas. Both 
Brad and Victoria are given subpoenas by William.

Here's what just happened on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: 

Neil finds Carmen's body and discovers that she is dead. 
Dru emerges and screams when she sees Carmen. 

Shortly, Lily, Devon and Daniel walk into the alley, and 
can't believe what they are seeing. Dru and Neil tell the 
kids to leave. Neil and Dru remain in the alley and call 
Michael. Dru ignores some of Michael's advice and becomes 
loud and defensive when William and Detective Sullivan 
arrive and imply she may have killed Carmen. 

Prof. Korbel comforts Colleen about the situation with 
Lily and her parents. Caught up in this intimate moment, 
Colleen kisses Prof. Korbel. Embarrassed, Colleen immed-
iately apologizes to Prof. Korbel about the kiss, and 
rushes home to find J.T, Lily and Daniel hanging out. 
When she is asked about the fundraiser, Colleen is very 

Lily pulls Colleen aside and asks her if something happen-
ed at the fundraiser, but Colleen covers, saying that 
nothing really exciting happened. 

Katherine tells Jill she has been allowing Billy to use 
her credit card for emergencies, but is suspicious that 
he is using it for other things. 


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