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Publication: Bass Matters
The Fall Turnover

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><> ><>       BASS MATTERS - October 25, 2006       ><> ><> 

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Hello Anglers,

When fishing live bait in costal bay's ,if you cast net 
your own bait don't be afraid to toss a few baits over 
the side when you get to your fishing spot it seems to 
turn on the fish even if your using artificals.

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Enjoy a week of fishing!
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The Fall Turnover
by Extreme Bass Lures

During the summer, lake water stratifies into three zones. 
The epilimnion, or upper layer, is the warmest and contains 
the greatest amount of dissolved oxygen. The thermocline, 
or middle layer, is lower in temperature and dissolved 
oxygen. The hypolimnion, or lower layer, has the coolest 
temperature and least (perhaps little or no) dissolved oxy-
gen. Because of the low oxygen levels and the decaying 
matter at the bottom of many lakes, most gamefish avoid the 
lower layer or at least the deeper parts of it. In the fall, 
when the average air temperature is lower than the water's
surface, the temperature in the upper zone declines and 
mixing takes place. Cold water is denser than warm water, 
so newly cooled surface water sinks to deeper levels. This 
causes a mixing of the water throughout the zones, and 
eventually the zones disappear. When the water column mixes 
completely, the temperature is virtually the same from top 
to bottom. This phenomenon is the actual turnover. Complete
mixing may take several weeks to occur, or it may occur 
very quickly. A severe cold front can drop surface tempera-
ture dramatically, perhaps even 10 degrees in virtually a 
day's time; this hastens turnover. There is a disagreement 
as to whether wind plays a role in turnover. Although wind 
doesn't cause turnover, some biologists say that wind aids 
the mixing. In any case, the mixing often causes new turbi-
dity in the water for a while. You may also notice suspended 
leaves and other matter in the water, the result of decaying 
bottom matter that was in the lower zone being dispersed 
through all levels.

FISH ON THE MOVE: Once a lake has stabilized after the 
turnover, fishing improves markedly. With the water now 
cooling down, bass move out of deeper water and into the 
shallows where they are more accessible to anglers. This 
is especially noticeable in large southern lakes and warm 
summer surface temperatures. Nutrient or plankton dispersal 
caused by turnover stimulates baitfish activity, and all 
fish will be feeding actively to build energy reserves for 
the approaching winter. Also, bass are more likely to be 
active throughout the day due to less potent sunlight. With 
all these factors working in the angler's favor, the post 
turnover can be an excellent time to catch bass. But you 
must do more than simply rush into the shallows and start 
fishing any available cover. Shallow cover near deep water 
is particularly worthwhile, especially if it is abundant or 
thick. Various types of plants, like reeds, milfoil, lily 
pads, and hydrilla, provide good places to fish and will 
hold bass until they start to decay and turn brown. You 
should also fish creeks and coves, since bass often follow 
bait there. Start at the mouth and fish your way farther 
in. Points at the edge of, or leading into, these places 
are often very productive, as they serve to funnel bait. 
Main lake points also see the passage of many fish, and 
they're even better if they're near deep water. If the lake 
has not yet fully stabilized, don't overlook deeper water 
since fish may be roaming. Trolling is an effective techn-
ique if fish are scattered, so don't be afraid to give it 
a shot.

LARGE LURES: Often water becomes clearer after the fall 
turnover, so when selecting lures, go for a natural looking 
appearance. Plug patterns that resemble shad (or alewife or 
shiner), bluegills, yellow perch, or crayfish, depending on 
the environment, are good bets instead of more exotic lures. 
These patterns are especially productive if they have a 
sparkling or glittering appearance to produce flash that 
suggests a moving baitfish. Baitfish are generally big this 
time of year, so this is a good opportunity to fish larger 
lures. Try plugs that weigh 1/3 to1/2 ounce and minnow plugs 
that are 4 to 6 inches long. Minnow bodied plugs that float 
and dive work well as surface lures, especially for morning 
fishing, and suspending models are good for subsurface stop 
and go twitching, Popping or chugging surface plugs are 
likewise effective, especially in lakes with lots of bait-
fish activity. If bass are active, you can use fast moving 
lures. Crankbaits are great for fall fishing; midrange 
divers are standard, though some places and situations will 
call for deep runners. But if bass aren't active, or when 
the action slows, turn to slower and more careful present-
ations. Soft jerkbaits (single or twin tailed soft bodies) 
fished in a slow, subsurface twitching motion work well 
around submerged like grass, brush, and stumps, often 
catching fish that ignore faster retrieved lures. While 
spinnerbaits that are slow rolled over objects or dropped 
along deeper edges of cover may be productive at this time, 
another good choice would be crankbaits and jigs. Try a jig 
and pig where the bank is steep, especially if lined with 
rocks or logs or treetops near deeper water. If bass are 
shallow but in thick cover, a flipped or pitched jig is 
prime. Fish it around docks, pilings, and blinds.

SPRING TURNOVER: Turnover is sometimes a spring phenomenon, 
although only in northern lakes. Calling what happens in 
spring a turnover is a bit of a stretch; it often does not 
have the same water disturbing effect as fall turnover. In 
frozen lakes, water directly beneath the ice is nearly 32 
degrees and dense. When longer days and warmer air temper-
ature melt the ice, the densest water sinks, the wind helps 
mix the water, and the water column becomes a uniform temp-
erature. Soon surface water and shallow areas warm quickly 
and become very attractive to fish.


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Polish Fish

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